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  • Nevel Dauw
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    Nevel Dauw


    "Barrel-aged wild blond beer with elderflower. Once a year we brew a special blend for Dauw. After initial fermentation, when sugars are still present, we infuse the beer for one day with freshly picked elderflower. This results in an overwhelmingly aromatic beer, which becomes more rounded after long barrel aging. By mixing 3 years of vintages, we bring a lot of complexity to the beer. The young barrels add bitterness and floral scents, whereas the older barrels add ripeness and soften the character. Dew is a nice sour beer with rich elderflower, green pepper and citrus. In its aftertaste you can find the soft bitterness and the long lasting tones of spring blossom aromas."

  • Nevel Doorn
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    Nevel Doorn


    "Doorn is a barrel-aged wild dark beer with 160 g/L local black berries. A vinious, sour and rich beer filled with aromas of coconut, vanilla and dark fruit. Aged for 30 months on oak barrels. Doorn is an extremely limited single barrel release."

  • Nevel Grondslag
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    Nevel Grondslag


    "Grondslag is a bière de coupage composed of our oldest and best barrels. It is created to let you experience the natural flavours of barrel-aged beers, without additions and without carbonation. This really brings out the texture of the beer. Grondslag is a beer close to our core; a beer that shows the power of blending and the purity of aging."

  • Nevel Jubel
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    Nevel Jubel


    "Wild dark beer aged on pino sherry barrels. A festive and luxurious beer with sour and sherry like flavours. Made to enjoy during the holidays and to share. Jubel has aged for 18 months on wooden barrels."

  • Nevel Perry
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    Nevel Perry


    "We pressed and naturally fermented the aromatic Doyenné du Comice pears, without adding any sulfites or enzymes. To finish it off we put this cider on oaken barrels for 5 months. As we did not add any sulfites, Perry turned out quite a bit more sour than you might expect of a pear cider, super refreshing with lovely citrus tones. A cider with a lot of flavour, perfectly made to serve cold on a sunny day. "

  • Nevel Sintel
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    Nevel Sintel


    "Barrel-aged Bière de Garde with Willow Bark. After an autumn forest walk through swirling leaves and drops of rain, nothing feels better than throwing off your shoes and nestling in front of the fireplace with a glass of Sintel. This barrel-aged bière de garde was brewed with toasted willow bark for soft notes of brown sugar and clove that gently complement its smooth caramel-like maltiness. It was aged on oak for 20 months, creating a hint of vanilla from the wood. We fermented it with Mud King, a blend of wild yeasts from all over the world that composed extraordinarily fruity aromas in this beer. Sintel has a tinge of sourness and a mild bitterness that reflects the tannins of the willow bark. Its silky finish makes for a truly memorable experience."

  • À Tue-Tête Canon Sauvignon
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    À Tue-Tête Canon Sauvignon


    "Mixed fermented golden sour ale, aged in stoneware amphora with sauvignon blanc pomace for 12 months."

  • Siren Check The Lime
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    Siren Check The Lime


    "Conceptually inspired by the Mojito cocktail, this zingy lime sour is a balancing act in residual brown sugar vibes and clean, sharp citrus. Dry-hopping with Motueka provides some bitter lime high notes, complemented by delicately fresh herbal aromas of Loral and Hallertau Blanc."

  • Siren Crystal Cove
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    Siren Crystal Cove


    "A deliciously crisp IPA with waves of welcome hoppy bitterness. Our malts provide some hearty sweetness and lightly golden colour which act as the perfect base for Amarillo, Mandarina and Azacca hops to shine. Expect plenty of zesty orange aromas and tasty tropical harmonies. "

  • Siren DDH Pompelmocello
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    Siren DDH Pompelmocello


    "An exclusive double dry hopped version of Pompelmocello. This beer is brimming with Simcoe and Talus, our favourite hops for driving pithy grapefruit notes. Grapefruit zest and juice accentuate the hoppy aromas, while a sensation of vibrant sourness, inherent sweetness and subtle bitterness all combine for a taste sensation."

  • Siren Far Above The World
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    Siren Far Above The World


    "It's been a long time coming, but we've finally managed to get hold of some Galaxy! This unique Australian hop boasts a higher percentage of essential oils than any other variety. It doesn't disappoint, producing intensely hoppy flavour and aroma full of fruit notes and radiant bitterness. Far Above The World pours an opaque blonde, with citrus and passionfruit aromas launching out of the glass."

  • Siren / Aegir Granadilla
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    Siren / Aegir Granadilla


    "It's a pleasure to team up with Aegir Project in Cape Town for this crushable pale ale. Big hitting tropical hops are embellished by granadilla, a South African favourite similar to passionfruit. The result is zingy and refreshing."

  • Siren In The Name Of Fun
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    Siren In The Name Of Fun


    "This hop-forward pale ale is packed full of flavour. We've layered up Motueka, Centennial and Loral for an intriguing combination of zesty citrus, aromatic pine and beautiful floral undertones. Our soft water profile keeps things easy drinking before a clean bitter finish."

  • Siren Life Aquatic
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    Siren Life Aquatic


    "We've recently invested in some new equipment that allows us to dial in our water like never before, and who better than Polly's to help us develop the perfect profile for this soft, juicy IPA. Hop-wise it's some newer varieties we're both enjoying right now - Talus, Sabro & Idaho 7 - plus a little bit of Citra for good measure."

  • Siren Many Moons
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    Siren Many Moons


    "A beautiful deep red sour ale with cherries, citrus zest, bourbon and port barrels combining for rewarding depth of flavour. The natural acidity is accentuated by tangy fruits and subtle spiciness as the beer remains supremely drinkable."

  • Siren Nitro Pompelmocello
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    Siren Nitro Pompelmocello


    "A playful and unique creation, as our ever-popular Pompelmocello gets the nitro treatment for the first time. This hop-forward, sour grapefruit IPA picks up plenty of smoothness and body, making it even more crushable than before with sorbet-like refreshment."

  • Siren Okay, I'll Bite
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    Siren Okay, I'll Bite


    "A fresh Cali IPA that hits all the right notes. It's crisp, clean and oh so punchy with hops. Big hitters Simcoe, Citra and Mosaic do most of the heavy lifting, while Talus offers sherbet lemon and pithy pink grapefruit notes that we think work exceptionally well in these kinds of beers. It finishes with trademark resinous bitterness."

  • Siren Piha Pils
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    Siren Piha Pils


    "A modern pilsner that delivers harmonious hop notes in a crisp, refreshing beer. Our hops of choice from New Zealand are Nelson Sauvin, Motueka and Rakau, which work together beautifully in a profile full of melon, citrus zest, gooseberry and white grapes. Malt sweetness balances against the subtle bitterness before a dry, clean finish."

  • Siren Pombango
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    Siren Pombango


    "A rare treat from our barrel store, only previously available at very special events! Pombango is a bourbon barrel aged Pompelmocello, blended with mango purée and fresh Pompelmocello. The resulting beer is cocktail-esque, vibrant with tropical fruits and refreshing sourness."

  • Siren Pompelmocello Radler
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    Siren Pompelmocello Radler


    "The ultimate thirst-quencher has arrived! This very special version of Pompelmocello sees it blended with our own lemon and lime soda in a beer dancing with sweetness, sourness, bitterness and all the juicy pink grapefruit and fresh, zesty citrus you could ask for. Exciting, refreshing and moreish."

  • Siren Sportsball
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    Siren Sportsball


    "A traditional Kölsch yeast meets all German hops in this box office beer. The result is super clean, lightly fruity and pleasingly floral as our enthusiastic yeast goes to work accentuating the delicately bitter hops. Crisp, refreshing and plenty drinkable."

  • Jérôme Forget Vinot 2018
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    Jérôme Forget Vinot 2018


    "All pears are handpicked from meadow orchards where Norman cows graze beneath the trees. Some of the trees are over two hundred years old. Pear variety : Vinot, Pomera and Plant de Blanc. Total fermentation. Contains a natural sediment. Dry and fruity, this poiré goes well with seafood. Served Chilled. No added sulfites."

  • Jérôme Forget Champ du Poirier 2019
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    Jérôme Forget Champ du...


    Poiré Domfort AOP. " All fruit is handpicked from meadow orchards where Norman cows graze beneath the trees. Some of the trees are over two hundred years old. All pears selected for this poiré come exclusively from the "Champ du Poirier" orchard. Variety : Plant de Blanc. This poiré has been disgorged. Natural effervescence. Possibility of a light natural sediment. A dry sharp perry with notes of caramelized pear."

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  • Jérôme Forget Fossey 2020
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    Jérôme Forget Fossey 2020


    "All pears are handpicked from meadow orchards where Norman cows graze beneath the trees. Some of the trees are over two hundred years old. Pear variety : Fossey. Natural effervescence. Contains a natural sediment. Fruity with floral aromas. Served Chilled. To be drunk within the year. No added sulfites."

  • Mills Grisette Perry
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    Mills Grisette Perry


    "A low ABV saison. Grisette Perry was made in October 2019 from a turbid mash containing barley and oats. The resulting very pale wort was hopped with fresh whole-leaf Sorachi Ace in the boil, before the cooled wort was dry hopped with Amarillo in the coolship. Fermentation then took place in a single ex-Scotch barrel with juice from Gloucestershire grown Gin perry pears we picked from a local orchard. The finished beer was primed with Herefordshire grown Conference pear juice. Matured in bottle for 9 months before release." Botlted in December 2020.

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  • Mills / Little Earth Mire
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    Mills / Little Earth Mire


    "Mills Brewing make beer with minimal modern intervention, relying on local wild yeast cultures and the influence of nature to ferment. Little Earth Project is a small and unique brewery in the Suffolk countryside using a variety of sustainable practices to brew small batch, predominantly oak aged wild and sour beers. Mire was brewed in August 2019 with LEP’s homegrown malt. It fermented for sixteen months in cider barrels with both brewer’s house cultures. The resulting beer was dry-hopped with whole leaf Goldings before seven months maturation in bottle." Botlted in December 2020.

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  • Mills Okay
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    Mills Okay


    "Okay is a honey beer made from a blend of two golden worts produced in April and August 2019. Fermentation took place in white Burgundy barrels and ex-cider barrels from Ross-on-Wye Cider and Perry Company. The beer in the two cider barrels was amazingly soft and full bodied. The beer in the white Burgundy barrels was light and creamy, but with enough acidity to bring balance. Raw heather honey from Heather Hills Farm in the Scottish Highlands was added just prior to bottling. This provided sugar for conditioning as well as trapping delicate, earthy aromatics in the bottle." Botlted in November 2020.

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  • Mills Picture Pot
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    Mills Picture Pot


    "Mills Brewing make beer with minimal modern intervention, relying on local wild yeast cultures and the influence of nature to ferment. Picture Pot was made from a blend of three brews produced in January and November 2019. Fermentation took place in Californian Chardonnay and Herefordshire cider barrels. The resulting blend was dry hopped with whole leaf Loral and Enigma. Drink young for fresh hop aromatics and aged for increased brettanomyces funk." Botlted in April 2021.

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  • Packaging 3F OBD Open Beer Days 2021 Pack 1 (6x75cl)
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    Packaging 3F OBD Open Beer...


    Please only purchase this if you've bought this package at 3 Fonteinen's Open Beer Days 2021 and selected us as "Proxy". Purchasing this won't get you this pack if it has not been purchased during OBD 2021, it's just a packaging and proxy fee.

  • Packaging 3F OBD Open Beer Days 2021 Pack 2 (12x37,5cl)
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    Packaging 3F OBD Open Beer...


    Please only purchase this if you've bought this package at 3 Fonteinen's Open Beer Days 2021 and selected us as "Proxy". Purchasing this won't get you this pack if it has not been purchased during OBD 2021, it's just a packaging and proxy fee.

  • Struise Pannepot 2021
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    Struise Pannepot 2021


    Dark Strong Ale

  • Struise Pannepot Reserva 2019
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    Struise Pannepot Reserva 2019


    Bourbon BA Dark Strong Ale

  • Lambiek Fabriek Organic Geuze Natur-Elle
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    Lambiek Fabriek Organic...


    Organic Oude Gueuze