List of products by brand Brauerei Jan Kemker

  • Kemker Aoltbeer


    This Münstersch Altbier is brewed with aged hops, barley, wheat and spelt. It is aged for a minimum of 9 months in wooden barrels and referments in the bottle until the yeast says it is ready.

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  • Kemker Appel Wien...


    Spontaneous farmhouse cider barrel-aged for 6 months. Apples are form the Münster and Bielefeld area.

  • Kemker Graute Käörns


    Organic Spelt Saison.

  • Kemker Graute Käörns


    Organic Spelt Saison.

  • Kemker Lukas


    Strong blond sour ale.

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  • Kemker Schätzken


    Spelt Saison aged in Bordeaux wine barrels.

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  • Kemker Summer Sune


    Sour Ale with local plums and spelt fermented with Kemker's house culture of Saccharomyces, Brett and Lactic acid bacteria.