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  • Alcohol: 14%
  • De Mederie Blood Honey Sex...


    "Black currants, raspberries and a lot of raw sunflower honey are the ingredients of our first own mead. Matured in wooden barrels, to really bring out the flavours.
    And the name? This refers to a record by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the favourite album of all time by brewer Jorre of De Mederie.
    All right you "Funky Monks". Taste this mead or "Suck My Kiss"
    Don't like mead? You can always "Give It Away""

  • Superstition Blackberry Hex


    "The blackberry mead makers at Superstition dug deep into their bag of tricks to cast a jammy curse into this bottle of Blackberry Hex. A vinous minerality locks its legs with crisp tannins as notes of cherry skin and ripe dark fruit play in the wings. The next time you invite your coven over for a ceremony, consider pairing Blackberry Hex with a dry aged porterhouse steak and chocolate ganache."

  • Superstition Blueberry Hex


    "Blueberry Hex shows off its violet-ruby hued leggy liquid as mild winter spice and rich dark fruit emanate from the glass. Like the voice of a sexy winter elf, the incantations of this blueberry mead will call to you with flavors of sweet cherry, vanilla, oak, nutmeg and cinnamon. For the ultimate complementary experience, light a Christmas candle and pair with a slice of blueberry cobbler and vanilla ice cream."

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  • Buxton Steinitz


    BA Imperial Porter. "Imperial Porter matured on cacao nibs and chilli. Subtly warming heat from the chilli is balanced with the soft chocolate notes from the cacao".

  • Buxton Tal


    "A Rich Smooth Imperial Porter infused with Guatemalan coffee beans and cacao. Rich notes of Bourbon, dark chocolate and forest fruits on the palate and nose"

  • De Mederie Experimead -4 -...


    "Mead with European Blueberries (Billberriy) part of the small batch Experimead Series." Limited to 90 bottles.

  • La Source Jinx
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    La Source Jinx


    "At the brewery, we have a saying: Everyday's a different jinx. To ward off bad luck. What's better than brewing a huge imperial stout and aging it in well peated whisky (Bowmore) barrels ? A gift from the jinx gods..."