List of products by brand Lervig

  • Lervig / Fuerst Wiacek...


    NEIPA brewed with Idaho 7 and Galaxy.

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  • Lervig / Hoppin' Frog...


    Chocolate MartiniImperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels.

  • Lervig / Mahrs Brau...



  • Lervig / Mikkeller NYC...


    Kviek IPA with Blueberries and coffee

  • Lervig / Oud Beersel Skogen


    Norwegian Forrest Blend (brewed with Spruce shoots) blended with Lambic from Oud Beersel.

  • Lervig / Shiga Kogen Yuzu Raga


    Lager with Yuzu

  • Lervig / Stillwater Times 8


    Imperial Pastry Stout brewed with cacaonibs, coffee, vanilla and natural extracts: Maple, Butterscotch and coconut.

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  • Lervig / Verdant It's Not...


    Gluten Free DDH NEIPA brewed with Citra, Cryo SImcoe and Azacca

  • Lervig 3 Bean Stout


    Imperial Stout brewed with Tonka, Cocoa - Vanilla beans.

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  • Lervig Coconuts Imperial Stout


    Imperial Stout brewed with maple, Vanilla and coconuts

  • Lervig Easy


    Pale Ale. Double Dry Hopped with Citra and Mosaic.

  • Lervig Freakshake


    Milshake IPA (contains Lactose)

  • Lervig Fully Evolved


    "A fully evolved beer geek has returned his attention to Lager beer, yes its true. In this case to keep the geek happy we focused on the yeast to get that authentic Bavarian touch of sulfur and lived it up with a few modern European hop varieties, Denali and Aurora. Still easy to go down, but brewed clean and pure, crisp and easy drinking as well"

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  • Lervig Hop Drop Sour


    A tart and hoppy IPA. A massive amount of hops were dumped into this sour to give the zing a little zang. Light bitterness and medium tartness with serious hop aroma and flavors make this beer a very easy drinker. Don’t wait. Drink fresh.

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  • Lervig House Party


    American Pale Ale

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  • Lervig Idaho Picnic


    "Idaho 7 is our favourite new hop because they’re piney, tropical, fruity, citrusy, earthy, and floral all at once. How can you beat that? By combining it with Loral hops - the newest “hot hop” that is bursting with lemon-citrus and dark fruit character. On top of that, we used Cryo Loral, which are specially processed with liquid nitrogen to separate the lupulin glands from the rest of the hop plant to give more of that sweet hop nectar. We brewed them up with Golden Promise malt, chewy oats, and smooth wheat to give a luscious mouthfeel and body to accentuate these special hops. Perfect for a picnic on a beautiful day in Idaho... or anywhere."

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  • Lervig Konrad's Stout


    Russian Imperial Sout brewed with oatmeal

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  • Lervig Liquid Sex Robot

  • Lervig Naughty - Nice


    "Doppelbock - A perfect beer for Christmas especially for food. Malty, caramelized and full bodied with tastes of dark fruits, toffee, plum and subtle chocolate and coffee note"

  • Lervig Nitro Latte


    Nitro Milk Stout with coffee and cacao.

  • Lervig No Worries


    Alcohol Free

  • Lervig Orange Velvet


    Mango, Lime, Vanilla, Lactose Pale Ale.

  • Lervig Paragon 2018


    "Our Barley Wine is the most special beer we make, being produced only once every year. It’s a blend of different bourbon barrel-aged vintages that have spent more than a year in wood. We blend the different barrels, and add a bit of freshly brewed Barley Wine to obtain the best possible version.

    This year, the Barley Wine was brewed using a double-boil technique in which we evaporate the beer to a high concentration of sugar, add water back to the wort, and then boil it down again to increase Maillard reaction processes and build up some intense caramelization. We went easy on the hops to allow the malt and bourbon characteristics inherited from the barrels to be the champions of this beer."

  • Lervig Perler for Svin

  • Lervig Saskatoon Cheescake...


    Imperial Stout brewed with saskatoon berry extract and cheescake flavor extract

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  • Lervig Supersonic


    "More than Double dry hopped with Citra double IPA"

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  • Lervig Tasty Juice


    DDH Citra IPA

  • Lervig Toasted Maple Stout


    Imperial Stout brewed with maple, Vanilla and lots of dark toasty malts.

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  • Nørrebro / Lervig Oh Honey,...


    Braggot aged in Linie Aquavit barrels for two years.

  • Zapiain / Lervig Cider...


    Cider produced at Zapiain (Spain) with the help of Lervig. The cider has a slight carbonation from its natural fermentation. Made with Pecan apples, Maple and Tolosa.