Sour w. Fruits


  • Hof Ten Dormaal Kriek


    Barrel aged blond sour brewed with cherries.

  • Alvinne Kerasus 2016


    Foederbier (Brown sour ale) aged with cherries for several months.

  • Loverbeer Beer Brugna 2015


    This Beer is inoculated by wild yeasts (Brettanomyces included) and lactic bacteria, both present in Lambic spontaneous fermentation. Small, dark and very sweet Damaschine variety plums are added in steeping to restart a new fermentation to characterize the product.

  • Alvinne / Jackdaw Cuvée...


    Phi aged in red wine barrels for approx 8 months and maturated with Swedish cloudberries.

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  • American Solera Foeder Cerise


    Foeder Cerise is a sour golden ale brewed with a mix of brettanomyces and several different souring cultures. Aged for six months on top of Montmorency Cherries. The flavors produced are sour cherry and cinnamon with a touch of Brett funk. This batch comes from our 30bbl Italian oak Foeders.

  • Prairie Vape Tricks


    Sour ale aged on cherries

  • Loverbeer Beer Bera 2015


    Fermented and maturated in oak vats. No added yeast. Spontaneous fermentation resulting form the addition of freshly pressed Barbera grapes juice that contains the skins, directly from a viticulturist near Alba. Brewed once a year at vintage time obviously.Vintage 2015

  • Loverbeer Saison de...


    Sour oak aged saison matured with sour cherries.

  • Loverbeer Pruss Perdù 2016


    Sour ale aged for 12 months in oak barrels with pears from Piemonte

  • Alvinne Wild West...


    Oak aged beer (Wild West), where 15 kg of sloeberries (Blackthorn) were added to every barrel (Bordeaux wine barrels)

  • Alvinne Wild West...


    Oak aged beer (Wild West), where 15 kg of sloeberries (Blackthorn) were added to every barrel (Bordeaux wine barrels).

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  • Alvinne Wild West...


    Wild West (Omega aged in red wine oak barrels) matured with raspberries and cherries.

  • Alvinne Wild West Plum 2014


    Wild West matured with blue plums.

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  • Alvinne Wild West Plum


    Wild West matured with blue plums.

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  • Hof Ten Dormaal Sloe


    Blond beer aged in oak barrels with sloeberries.

  • Hof Ten Dormaal Stekelbees


    Sour blond beer aged in oak barrels with gooseberries.

  • Alvinne / Nøgne Ø Naakte Elf


    Collaboration brew with Nogne Ø. Raw (unboiled) beer with Norwegian smoked malt brewed in Juniper tree infused water. Macerated with lingonberries for 2 months.

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  • De Leite Cuvée Soeur'ise


    Triple kriek - oak aged.

  • Alvinne Cuvée Sofie Alvino...


    Cuvée Sofie matured with grapes (20 kG of grapes per barrel). Production limited to 700 bottles. Cask used: 2012, French oak (Bourgogne).

  • Alvinne Cuvée Sofie...


    Cuvée Sofie matured with Seebuckthorn berries - Silverberries brewed specially for the first edition of the BXL Beerfest.

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  • Alvinne Cuvée Sofie Sleedoorn


    Foeder aged blond sour (Phi) with foraged sloeberries.

  • Alvinne Sour'ire de...


    Sour barrel aged quadrupel with smoked peaches.

  • Laugar / Mad Scientist Red Summer Rain
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    Laugar / Mad Scientist Red...


    Watermelon Sour.