List of products by brand Weird Beard Brew Co.

  • Weird Beard BA Pogonotrophy Project 4
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    Weird Beard BA Pogonotrophy...


    Drak Barrel Aged Sour

  • Weird Beard Barrel Aged Gaslight The Electorate
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    Weird Beard Barrel Aged...


    "We tucked away a little of this black barley wine into Heaven Hill barrels last year, and now put it in a numbered, waxed 660ml bottle. Limited Edition! "

  • Weird Beard Barrel Aged Mendacious
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    Weird Beard Barrel Aged...


    Barrel Aged golden Pastry Stout with Vanilla, Coffee, Tonka, Liquorice and Chocolate.

  • Weird Beard Black Perle
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    Weird Beard Black Perle


    "When you get to that time of day when a hot cup of coffee is no longer the answer, and you need something with a little extra kick, plait your beard, stick on your eye patch and grab a Black Perle. This milk stout, brewed in partnership with is chock full of roasty malts, milk sugar, hopped with handfuls of Perle plundered from the unsuspecting and aged on a chest full of Zamorana coffee beans. Drink with your bacon and eggs in the morning or somebody else's oysters; free your inner pirate, argh!"

  • Weird Beard Kill Pils
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    Weird Beard Kill Pils


    "Kill Pils - 5.0% Changing Dry Hopped Pilsner. Lagers have a bad reputation in history so this is our attempt to avenge that. Each changing dry-hop profile is unrelenting in being aromatic & flavourful. Each hopping schedule is calculated & well executed in the final beer. Clean, crisp and unrelenting in flavour and aroma, based on our hops of choice."

  • Weird Beard Mendacious
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    Weird Beard Mendacious


    Golden Pastry Stout with Vanilla, Coffee, Tonka, Liquorice and Chocolate.

  • Weird Beard Sadako
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    Weird Beard Sadako


    "A beer that won our head brewer Bryan awards back in his home brew days. With honey, molasses and freshly roasted coffee beans added to the boil this is a complex, lightly carbonated imperial stout."