• Alvinne / De Mederie...


    "Collaboration with De Mederie. Blend of Treebeard aged on Pineau de Charentes Barrel & dates mead, mead aged on bourbon and peated whisky barrel. Billies Craft Beer Fest special 2022." Bottled without carbonation.

  • Siren / B.Nektar Uncle Zester


    "We first brewed Uncle Zester in 2015 after meeting Brad from B. Nektar and tasting his meads; we knew then this would be something special, and we've never created anything quite like it since. It's a braggot (beer/mead hybrid) that's soured and loaded with fruit zest and juice, playing incredibly well with the sweetness of the honey. It’s rich, it’s moreish and you’re going to love it."

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  • 3 Fonteinen / De Mederie...


    bottling date: 14/06/2023 · bottle count: 752. "For this lambic-braggot (= a beer-mead hybrid) 'Could Heaven Ever Be Like This', cherries and cassis mead from De Mederie were blended with young and three-year-old lambic from 3 Fonteinen in a ratio of around 50%-50%. For the name, we found inspiration in the song 'Could Heaven Ever Be Like This' by jazz drummer Idris Muhammad; a song that represents the clash of all the subtleties, funkiness, nuances and liveliness of both worlds, intertwined in this bottle. The fitting label design came from @Letterlik."

  • De Mederie / Alvinne Cuvée...


    Small scale collab between De Mederie & Alvinne. A blend of Bourbon B.A. Cuvee de Mortagne (Quadrupel) with Red wine B.A. Cherry mead