List of products by brand Superstition Meadery

  • Superstition / Malmö ¡Spike!


    Sparkling Cherry Pineapple Mead

  • Superstition Barrel Aged...


    Peach Mead made with peaches from Masumoto Family Farms forzen with liquid Notrogen and then aged Bourbon barrels for 4 months.

  • Superstition Blackberry Hex


    "The blackberry mead makers at Superstition dug deep into their bag of tricks to cast a jammy curse into this bottle of Blackberry Hex. A vinous minerality locks its legs with crisp tannins as notes of cherry skin and ripe dark fruit play in the wings. The next time you invite your coven over for a ceremony, consider pairing Blackberry Hex with a dry aged porterhouse steak and chocolate ganache."

  • Superstition Blueberry Hex


    "Blueberry Hex shows off its violet-ruby hued leggy liquid as mild winter spice and rich dark fruit emanate from the glass. Like the voice of a sexy winter elf, the incantations of this blueberry mead will call to you with flavors of sweet cherry, vanilla, oak, nutmeg and cinnamon. For the ultimate complementary experience, light a Christmas candle and pair with a slice of blueberry cobbler and vanilla ice cream."

  • Superstition Blueberry...


    Number one rated cider. Blueberry Cider (Apple cider with blueberry juice).

  • Superstition Hawaiian...


    Mead with ineapple and vanilla beans.

  • Superstition Lagrimas de Oro


    Made with mesquite blossom honey and aged in Bourbon barrels.

  • Superstition Marion


    Blackberry, Blueberry and Raspberry mead.

  • Superstition Strawberry...


    "This semi-sweet mead is an ultimate expression of strawberries, honey and vanilla."

  • Superstition Tahitian...


    Semi-sweet mead aged on tahitian vanilla beans and aged in new american oak.

  • Superstition Vanilla Marion


    Blackberry, Blueberry and Raspberry mead aged on Tahitian Vanilla Beans.

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  • Superstition Velvet Stave


    1/3 Cabernet pyment, 2/3 mead with Belgian dark candi syrup, cocoa nibs, and dates.

  • Superstition World Harvest


    Two honeys, dark muscavado sugar from Mauritius, Canadian maple syrup, Tahitian vanilla beans and Turkish sultana raisins.