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  • La Malpolon / Cyclic / La Montagnarde Yeast Trio
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    La Malpolon / Cyclic / La...


    "Three brewers with their house yeast, three raw cereals from their respective land, four red wine barrels, beer to rule them all. We've made four variations of this beer : each barrel was inoculated with a unique yeast blend (1/brewery + a blend of the three). After 10 months in barrel, the beers were ready to be blended, but we've liked them so much individualy that we decided to bottle them separetely and offer you the experience to enjoy their specificities and to make your own blend !"

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  • La Malpolon Gamma Mia
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    La Malpolon Gamma Mia


    Sour blond aged in a white wine barrel for 18 months.

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  • La Malpolon Garde Folle
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    La Malpolon Garde Folle


    "Amber Bière de Garde aged 13 months in a Cartagène barrel (vin de Liqueur du Languedoc). Fermented first with Saison and kveik yeast, some brettanomyces were pitched at bottling."

  • La Malpolon Garde Fou
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    La Malpolon Garde Fou


    "Our version of the bière de garde, traditional style, with its 7 ABV that warm-up, its toasted flavors, is highly drinkable thanks to its dry finish. Handmade special malts, Alsatian hops. Ripened for long weeks in tanks."

  • La Malpolon Gourgas Pomace
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    La Malpolon Gourgas Pomace


    "Blend of BA sour raw ale mautred for 3 weeks on pomegranate pomace and with BA saisons beers."

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  • La Malpolon Saison du Chai
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    La Malpolon Saison du Chai


    "Blend of seven barrels of saisons and mixed fermented beers. The blend spent another 3 months in three 500L barrels of ex white wine."

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  • La Malpolon Salvia
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    La Malpolon Salvia


    "Sour and salty table beer with rosemary and sage."

  • La Malpolon Schwarz und Sauer
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    La Malpolon Schwarz und Sauer


    Schwarzbier on pomegranate pomace (from the Gard region). Bottom fermentation yeast, chocolate malts, and maceration with pomegranate pomace for a few days, long cold lagering for a note of terroir and experimentation ... La Malpolon touch!