• Cyclic Beer Farm Pomelo del...


    "Inspired by the classic style from northern Germany, Gose, we brewed this beer using our no boil sour beer method using 50% organic Belgian pilsner malt and 25% flaked wheat and 25% malted wheat, with additions of Indian coriander, Himalayan pink salt, then fermented with a mix of bacteria and our house yeast, followed by fresh juice and zest from our family farm and finished with a light dryhopping of citrusy Eukanot hops. Tart and refreshing with loads of grapefruit character this one is meant for spring and summer enjoyment."

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  • La Calavera Tequila Sunrise


    Imperial Gose aged in Tequila barrels.

  • Nevel / DOK Kwiek


    "Kwiek - Barrel-aged wild gose with absinthe wormwood and angelica. Kwiek proves that history is not dull at all. This collab with DOK Brewing Company is a fresh and tart gose, a beer style brewed with wheat that originated from Goslar and Leipzig. We wanted to know how the early goses were made and discovered that they were often flavoured with absinthe, a herb that we happen to use quite often in our beers. So for this collab we decided to continue the tradition, with absinthe wormwood from the historic garden De Ommuurde Tuin. Modern goses are often spiced with coriander seed, which we've replaced with angelica seed, a native plant that gives fresh, herbal notes. The sourness and long, bitter finish of Kwiek are balanced with a good dose of salt, which is a distinctive ingred...

  • Left Handed Giant Pick Up...


    "Fruited Gose with Passionfruit, Pineapple, Peach and Sea Salt. We’re excited to release our second fruited Gose! Packed with Passionfruit Juice and Peach and Pineapple Purees and rounded off by a touch of Sea Salt. Vegan."

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  • DOK Gose Island


    "Triple fruited gose with raspberries."

  • Siren Project Barista :...


    "An adventure in acidity, with coffee, lemon and souring with lactobacillus helveticus all competing for attention. Lemon is no stranger to espresso, with drinks like Mazagran and Iced Coffee Lemonade providing some early inspiration, along with its resurgence in recent times as a popular feel-good combination. We chose the coffee for its orange and bergamot notes, which came through really nicely in the whirlpool. Upon tasting, we decided some further additions would be required to pick up fuller, more robust and chocolatey coffee notes, which a warm steep in the spinbot and an overnight spin helped to layer up. Press to Zest is made with sea salt, which is often used to soften bitterness in coffee. We like how it gives us perceived sweetness, nice body and some roundness in a b...

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