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Hot Sauce


  • Swet Bloody Josef


    "Prepared with Italian tomatoes with slightly burnt skin with a blowtorch, organic celery and magnificent red Habanero peppers which have grown in Brussels. Josef is Mary's best comrade, they would even have had a crush in their youth in a collective farm down south, but it is not very clear ... It is said that since then he drinks a lot of cocktails based on Vodka and tomato juice, to forget. Also Josef is a big foodie, he really has the slab: he loves pasta, pizza, and anything that can be eaten really, he will replace the imperialist ketchup and the capitalist sriracha with a lot of satisfaction. Heat 5/10"

  • Swet Crack Head


    ""I'm not sure I like it. I'm not gonna get hurt? I cry when it's too hard. It drives people crazy, doesn't it? No-no, I'm too scared of tomorrow. I'm going to be able to talk after this? Please don't give anything too hard... It's the first time." The new CRACK HEAD is designed as the perfect first time. An experience of intense sweetness, followed by a quiet strength that slowly rises in the background, just long enough to be truly comforting. A weird, tangy, borderline psychedelic thing. Ripe pineapple, red habanero, garlic, ginger and lime prepared with two super Belgian hops: Target and Challenger, to give a little extra funk that makes the taste buds dance... A first time that calls for a second, then a bigger dose, then something stronger... Slippery slope, until watching for the hottest micro batches, and then never leave home without a bottle of NANA in your pocket, just in case. " I'm not addicted, it's just that I feel better with it, ok?"Ok, that's fine, relax, we have what you need. 600 bottles. Heat 2/10"

  • Swet Fumado

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    "A deep, complex smoky flavor from the finest Extremadura (Spain) green oak smoked chilies, combined with brown sugar caramelized Belgian red onions, Habanero peppers grown on the rooftops of Brussels without any chemicals, organic cider vinegar, fresh garlic and Sri Lankan black pepper. Versatile enough to pair with any dish, as long as you like the real smoke. It's a vegan's favorite hot sauce because it's reminiscent of the taste of authentic barbecue. Handmade in Brussels with fresh ingredients only, vegan, zero fat, low calories, 100% natural. Use: Tacos, French fries, eggs, ribs, fried tofu, chili con/sin carne, bbq grilled meat... and everything else. Heat 4/10"

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  • Swet Kumquat

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    "One year after its first appearance, it is finally here, to violently conclude our winter cycle. Like a small fluorescent orange moon that has just completed its full revolution, it comes back to dazzle us with its radiant beauty, and explode in our mouths like a cloud of meteorites whose only objective would be to exterminate mediocrity by systematically hitting the same spot, to dig a deeper and deeper crater, and thus leave an indelible trace in the collective consciousness. BANG BANG. The best organic kumquats from Sicily, cooked with Madame Jeannette peppers from Bxl and an American hop variety: CITRA, well known to beer lovers as it is found in most good IPAs. The Citra complements the tartness and freshness of the kumquat, correcting any excessive bitterness. It's not only a taste match, it's doping; the hops accompany the citrus aroma by going in the same direction, it pushes it in the ultraviolet, even further, until beyond the real. Heat 7/10"

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  • Swet Sun Burn


    "As fresh and explosive as a big storm in the tropics. Habanero peppers grown on the rooftops of Brussels without any chemicals, ripe mangoes, fresh garlic and ginger, organic lime and a complex mix of hand-crushed exotic spices: it's a concentrate of sunshine ready to transfigure even the most banal dishes. The combination of chili and ginger gradually increases the spiciness and gives a progressive and persistent rush. Usage: roasted chicken, hummus, steamed vegetables, seafood, summer salads, fish&chips, spring rolls, pad thai... and everything else. Heat 8/10"

  • Swet Tears


    "SUPER HOT version of the PEARS FOR TEARS, with CAROLINA REAPERS from Bxl replacing the habaneros. Designed to match any classic northern European dish like Pot-au-feu, Waterzoo , Blanquette de veau or even simple mashed potatoes or mild cheeses like brie, this sauce provides a fair amount of heat without acting as a taste disturbance like a more classic hot sauce would. Ingredients: Local ugly pears, red onions, garlic and apple cider vinegar, paired with fresh CAROLINA REAPER peppers from Brussels and a very subtle blend of spices. Heat 12/10"