• Verzet Space Cadet

  • DDVD Korenaar Nouveau Riche


    Belgium Style Wheat beer with rosemary, aged on Brunello Barrels.

  • Atrium Clémentine


    Blanche/Witbier brewed with clementine peel, lime peel and corander.

  • DDVD Korenaar Nouveau...

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    Belgium Style Wheat beer with rosemary, aged on Brunello Barrels.

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  • La Source Libellule


    "A refreshing interpretation of the classic belgian wit : expressive yeast, spices, lots of wheat but with a copious amount of hops! "

  • La Malpolon Blé Fenouil


    Wibier / Blanche brewed with wild fennel seeds.

  • Alvinne Morpheus Wit


    Belgian white beer brewed with Morpheus yeast.

  • Solo Philia


    "The historic Fix Cafe celebrates its 25th anniversary this year with an exclusive beer that we ve brewed together. A refreshing Wit Ale that encloses 25 years of friendship, togetherness and unforgettable moments in a bottle that bubbles coolness and juicy aromas of citrus fruits, spring flowers and coriander. Philia ... meaning friendship in Greek is a word with priceless value that cannot be bought. Enjoy it exclusively at #Fixcafe ... Heraklion downtown."

  • Alvinne Morpheus Wit...


    Funky Wheat Beer aged on Portuguese White Moscatel barrels

  • DOK Wit


    "4.5% Belgian White with malted barley, wheat and oats. We also added yuzu and ginger."

  • Lervig Super Blanc


    "Super Blanc is a zesty brew with a delightful citrus twist. Pouring a hazy pale yellow with a frothy white head. The aroma is a delightful blend of spicy coriander, tangy lemon, and a hint of sweet orange. On the palate, the flavors bursts of tangy citrus, and lemon which adds a sharp acidic note that cuts through the creamy wheat base. It finishes clean and refreshing, with a subtle hint of coriander and a bright citrus aftertaste."