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    Made for the Brewdog Collab fest 2019. Kombucha Sour Saison. Kombuch was made with organic green tea from Rwanda.

  • Cyclic Beer Farm C


    100th brew of the brewery. Petite Saison, turbid mashed with local raw organic spelt and organic Belgian pils malt, german hops, fermented with their house yeast then their funky brett/bacteria blend then aged in used french oak red wine barrels from Sumoll wine.
    low alcohol and refreshing without sacrificing flavour and complexity.

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  • Cyclic Beer Farm Cuvée


    "This is the first of our Cuvée series. It is a blend of Saison, barrel aged Brett Saison and sour Saison. The idea behind this beer is that we wanted to find a balance between the extremes of bitterness and acidity to create a beer that's complex yet easy to drink alone as well as a beer that can pair well with many styles of food. "

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  • Cyclic Beer Farm Grisette


    "Grisette is the little cousin to our Saison. It is brewed to drink fresh but will age nicely with our mixed house yeast/brett culture. Low alcohol, dry, refreshing, light bodied beer with notes of citrus and tropical fruit balanced with earthy continental hop character and moderate bitterness. A refreshing session beer to quench your thirst on those sunny Mediterranean days. Salud"

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  • Cyclic Beer Farm Jamaica


    "Inspired by Agua de jamaica a typical sweet and acidic Mexican beverage. 100% organic belgian pilsner malt no-boil Berliner style brew with 2,75 kg hibiscus added to the kettle at 93º for 30 minutes before knockout. Co-fermented with L. plantarum and our house yeast culture. We used orange zest/juice from our family farm and dry hopped with a small amount of palisade hops. Just before packaging a final addition of hibiscus was added for an extra layer of flavour."

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  • Cyclic Beer Farm Saison


    "Saison is our no nonsense Belgian style farmhouse beer. Aroma and flavor is driven by our house mixed yeast/brett culture that give notes of citrus fruit and light spice. A generous use of continental hops and 100% Belgian Pilsen malt balance out the yeast character to create a dry, refreshing and easy to drink beer!"

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  • Cyclic Beer Farm The One


    Mix fermentation saison.

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  • Cyclic Beer Farm Witty Fool


    "This is a special seasonal spring release: a Belgian style Witbier with organic oranges from the Ale-Hop farm. Brewed with a modified turbid mash and fermented with our house culture. Ingredients include: 60% organic Belgian pilsner malt, 20% Belgian wheat, 20% Spanish flaked wheat, German Perle hops, Indian coriander seeds, zest and orange juice from bitter oranges. More tart and fruity than your average Witbier, it’s refreshing and perfect for springtime."