• Hoppin' Frog Tower Tuesday...


    "Infusion A starts with the base of our Silk Porter and adds to its deliciousness with tasty swirls of chocolate and peanut butter flavor!"

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  • De Ranke Back to Black


    "This beer has been designed as an old export porter. It has been brewed as undrinkable bitter and then aged in wood for 9 months. The result is a strong dark beer that has a perfect bitter/sour balance"

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  • The Bruery The Grade


    Baltic Porter-style lager brewed with maple syrup and fenugreek with natural flavors added.

  • Jackie O's / To Øl Antik


    Imperial Porter brewed with Wildflower honey and aged in Bourbon barrels, in collaboration with To Øl.

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  • Evil Twin Imperial Doughnut...


    Imperial stout brewed with coffee and doughnuts.

  • Buxton / Omnipollo Original...


    This is a marshmallow porter brewed with cocoa nibs and lactose sugar.

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  • Nevel / Kromme Haring In...


    "keeping porter" brewed in Utrecht at De Kromme Haring in collaboration with Nevel Artisanal Ales. Aged for a year on rioja barrels with brett.

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  • La Pirata Blackadder


    Imperial Porter brewed in collaboration with Laugar.

  • 3 Fonteinen

  • To Øl Stress Test

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  • Nevel Noest


    Vatted Porter (aged for 6 months on stainless steel) with Brettanomyces.

  • Lervig Dark Orbit



  • Sori Conca D'Oro


    Imperial Stout aged in Chianti Clasico barrels from Candialle.

  • Sori Frost Cake Fever


    Imperial Baltic Porter with cacao nibs, tonka beans and coconut.

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  • Dois Corvos Finisterra

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  • L'Ermitage Noir du Midi


    Hoppy Porter

  • AF Brew Black Magic


    American Porter

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  • AF Brew Spanglish Breakfast


    "Mucho Gusto Imerial Porter with caco and Tonka Beans"

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  • De la Senne / Anspach -...


    Anglo-Belge Porter

  • Siphon / Galway Bay / DDVD...


    EBC: 70, IBU: 40. XENON is a subtly smoked porter with a nutty, chocolate flavour and a full-bodied creaminess. It is part of a special six-pack of beers—the Noble Gas Project—created with twelve other breweries to celebrate the third birthday of Siphon Brewing.

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  • AF Brew Winter Melancholy


    Imp. Baltic porter with Boubon Vanilla and Kenyan Coffee

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  • La Calavera Dead Barrel Island


    Whisky BA Imperial Baltic Porter

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  • La Calavera Valvuline


    Whisky BA Imperial Baltic Porter

  • Buxton Gatekeeper


    "A deep dark porter to evoke a sense of mystery. Challenge the Gatekeeper."

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  • Buxton Low Tor


    Peak district Bitter. Session verion of the red IPA High Tor. "It shares all the malts, hops and charater of it's bigger cousin"

  • Siren Coldblooded


    "Welcome back Coldblooded, a brown porter designed to hit the spot when the weather turns. We cold-steep grains overnight before brewday to build up a gorgeous chocolately base before we even get started! From there expect roasty notes layered amongst subtle smoke, coffee and dark chocolate. Coldblooded pours silky smooth and drinks with a satisfying richness."