Berliner Weisse


  • Alvinne Berliner Framboos...

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  • Alvinne Berliner Ryesse

  • Siren Calypso


    "Calypso roars with sharp, spritzy and mouth-puckering sensation, accented by tropical and citrussy hop aroma. It's clean, refreshing and always keeps you going back for more. Our sour showcase rotates the dry-hopping, so each brew offers something different and unique."

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  • Kemker Mia


    Berliner weisse fermented with their own yeast culture.

  • AF Brew Passion is my...


    "Basically as close to the true-to-the-style Berliner Weisse as it can be possible in a craft beer world. Very low pH, very low ABV, nothing 'imperial', but a big bowl of passion fruit flesh and juice."

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  • AF Brew Raspberry is my...


    "Basically as close to the true-to-the-style Berliner Weisse as it can be possible in a craft beer world. Very low pH, very low ABV, nothing 'imperial', but a big bowl of raspberry flesh and juice."

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  • Cyclic Beer Farm Xino Xano


    "Xino Xano is our spring/summer seasonal release. We use a traditional no boil Berliner Weisse brewing method, 50% organic Belgian malted barley, 25% Belgian malted wheat, 25% Spanish flaked wheat, co-fermentation with our house yeast and lactic acid bacteria, then finished with a big dry hop addition (variety varies). Tart, tropical and refreshing, it's perfect for quenching your thirst. Best drunk after a long cycle or at the beach overlooking the sea!"

  • Cyclic Beer Farm Jamaica


    "Inspired by Agua de jamaica a typical sweet and acidic Mexican beverage. 100% organic belgian pilsner malt no-boil Berliner style brew with 2,75 kg hibiscus added to the kettle at 93º for 30 minutes before knockout. Co-fermented with L. plantarum and our house yeast culture. We used orange zest/juice from our family farm and dry hopped with a small amount of palisade hops. Just before packaging a final addition of hibiscus was added for an extra layer of flavour."

  • Kemker / Elixer Wuortel


    "Wuortel is the amalgamation of foraged herbs, local hops and grains - a balanced sour beer with fresh and spicy notes from the herbs. The base beer is a wild carrot gruit beer that we brewed together with Nienke and Robbert Hartholt (Elixer Bier) and Oliver Witt (Hopfengarten Lünen). We blended this with two Aoltbeer barrels. The beers in this blend matured on average for 12 months in red wine barrels"

  • Dois Corvos Black Candy


    "Black Candy is a Blackcurrant Sour Ale with 4.2% ABV aged in oak barrels for 2 years and fermented with wild yeast."

  • Alvinne Berliner Bosbes...


    Berliner Weisse brewed with Rye and then aged with blueberries.

  • L'Ermitage Josmans en Lutte


    Black Berliner Weisse fermented with black cherries and cold infused with coffee. BB printed on the can is 20/11/2020 but should be 20/11/2021

  • Kemker Mia


    "Mia is our take on a Berliner Weisse. Brewed with organic malts, cooled with our coolship and fermented for 7 months with our houseculture. Dry and refreshiing!"

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  • L'Ermitage Holy Mountain...


    Eukanot dry-hopped sour.

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  • The Garden Florida Weisse...


    "Sweet and zesty with gentle vanilla notes."

  • Stu Mostów Untamed


    "Untamed is our brand new DBW (Double Berliner Weisse) conditioned on insane amounts of Raspberry and Blackberry puree and our very best Madagascar Vanilla beans. Thick, sweet - sour, full of berry goodness and with just enough Vanilla so you can feel it but without crossing into the “pastry” territory"

  • Peninsula Black Pie
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    Peninsula Black Pie


    "Black Pie is a 7,0% Sour, which, like her sister Bloo Pie, is inspired by a blackcurrant tart."

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  • The Garden Imperial Florida Weisse -3 - Raspberry, Coconut - Vanilla
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    The Garden Imperial Florida...


    "Raspberry, Coconut - Vanilla Tart and juicy with a masses of raspberries, coconut flesh and vanilla pods."