Sour - Wild Ale

  • Alvinne Phi

  • Hof Ten Dormaal Kriek


    BA blond sour beer (Zure van Tildonk) aged with sour cherries.

  • BFM Abbaye de Saint...


    Blend of different strong sour beers aged in oak barrels.

  • De Leite Cuvée Mam'zelle


    Blond ale matured and soured in oak casks.

  • Hof Ten Dormaal Zure van...

  • Nevel Aard


    This herbal blend of wild saisons, a golden sour and homemade kvass (fermented Slavic bread drink) is both earthy and mysterious, with deep notes of red beets, red fruit and dark sourdough bread. We spiced the kvass with absinthe wormwood from De Ommuurde Tuin in Heteren, which echoes in the slightly bitter undertone of this beer. Aard is dry, refreshing, full-bodied, mildly sour with a little funk and very drinkable for a beer that is composed of so many different flavours! Bottled in December 2017 with a BB December 2019.

  • Loverbeer Saison de...


    Sour oak aged saison matured with sour cherries.

  • Loverbeer Pruss Perdù 2016


    Sour ale aged for 12 months in oak barrels with pears from Piemonte

  • De Ranke Vieille Provision


    Sour ale aged in oak barrels which is used in the "Cuvée De Ranke".

  • Alvinne Wild West


    Blond beer brewed with Alvinne's Morpheus yeast that gives a nice soft sour taste. Aged 8 months in oak Bordeaux barrels. (First batch was brewed in collaboration with Stillwater)

  • Alvinne Wild West...


    Wild West (Omega aged in red wine oak barrels) matured with raspberries and cherries.

  • Alvinne Sigma

  • Alvinne Omega

  • Struise Dark Horse Reserva


    "Hybrid dark sour ale somewhere between a Dirty Horse and Earthmonk. Spontaneously fermented and aged for 4 years on some of the finest red wine barrels from the Bordeaux Area in France"

  • Verzet / Surly Doktor Rudi


    Dry-hopped kettle sour brewed in collaboration with Surly

  • Hof ten Dormaal Frambuesa y...


    Dark sour ale brewed with cocoa beans and fresh raspberries.

  • Oud Beersel Bersalis Tripel...


    Bersalis Tripel aged for at least 12 months in oak barrels that used to age lambic. This ageing process provokes a second fermentation of the beer (this time spontaneous).

  • DDVD Korenaar Bien-Sûr


    Spiced sour ale aged in Gin barrels.

  • Hof Ten Dormaal Cerezas y...


    Dark sour ale brewed with cocoa beans and fresh cherries.

  • De Leite Cuvée Jeun'Homme


    Blond ale matured and soured in oak casks.

  • De Leite Cuvée Soeur'ise


    Triple kriek - oak aged.

  • BFM Abbaye de Saint...


    Blend of different strong sour beers aged in oak barrels.

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  • Brabant Cuvée du Brabant

  • Alvinne Sour'ire de...


    Sour barrel aged quadrupel with smoked peaches.

  • Oud Beersel Bersalis Kadet...


    Berslais Kadet aged 12 months in lambic barrels which resulted in a spontaneous fermentation of the beer.

  • Naparbier / Beavertown...


    Margarita inspired Gose. Kettle Sour Gose with sea salt and lots citrus peel.

  • Hof Ten Dormaal Barbera


    Zure van Tildonk (Sour BA blond) aged with Barbera grapes.

  • Oersoep Inbetween


    This beer started as a kettle sour incoculated from one of Oersoep foeders

  • Oersoep Wild at Heart


    Flanders red aged in a 7500 liters foeder in which the Solera system is applied once a year, when a portion of the beer is bottled and the foeder is replenished with freshly brewed beer.

  • Nevel / White Stork Borderless


    Wild ale produced with limets, a Bulgarian heritage grain and blended with Tepache, a wild-fermented pineapple dirnk with Bulgarian Habaneros form Chilli Hills Farm.

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  • Nevel Bries


    Barrel-aged golden sour with seabuckthorn. BB is June 2020

  • Nevel Gulzig


    New England Wild Ale. BB is April 2020

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  • Hof Ten Dormaal Bramen


    Zure van Tildonk (Sour BA blond) aged with Blackberries.

  • Dois Corvos Loquat Nation


    "Loquat Nation is the result of a 100% Brettanomyces and Lactobacilus fermentation that was aged in oak wine barrels. It was finished with the addition of 200 KG if hand-peeled loquats."

  • Dois Corvos Raspberry Jam


    Sour ale fermented with Brett, matured with rapsberries form Alentejo and then aged in oak barrels.

  • Alvinne's Felowship 2018 -2...


    Label description: "The second chapter of The Fellowship of the Ring is called The Shadow of the Past. Gandalf explains to Frodo the true nature of The Ring, how it must be destroyed for the good of all Free Peoples of the World. No need to destroy this beer. We foraged silverberries, sea buckthorn and grew forced rhubarb and added them in May to a Chateau Mouline red win (Bordeaux/Medoc) barrel. This version of Cuvée Sofie aged for 20 month in this third used French oak barrel"

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