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    Saison base beer aged on whole Colorado nectarines at a rate of over 2 pounds per gallon.

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  • Casey Funky Blender Balaton...


    "Ale Aged in Oak Barrels with cherries. In this blend of Funky Blender we added fresh, whole fruit at rate of about two pounds per gallon to our base beer. Each barrel is carefully hand picked to ensure it will pair perfectly with the whole fruit we are using while keeping the funky flavor. The unique lemon and lime aromas that come from the base barrels of Funky Blender harmonize with the whole fruit added."

  • Casey Funky Blender Pluot


    "Flavor King pluots, what else needs to be said? This variety is literally the King of Flavors! The blend delights from the start of the pour. Pink foam that not only drops off the kids for the birthday, but then sticks around for the flavor party. What? Does anyone read these? Classic Colorado plum aromas in the nose just remind me why I love plums so much, I hope we can get more this year. Low/medium acidity and rich body that makes one think it's actually sweet. All hail the Flavor King."

  • Casey Funky Blender...


    "This 2 barrel blend was made with organic Red Haven peaches at a rate of 4 pounds per gallon. Big body and funky peach juiciness."