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  • La Sambre Vîye Sêzon Lot 3


    "VÎYE SÊZON translates as “OLD SAISON” in Walloon. We aimed at recreating what saisons used to be a few centuries ago. back then, some saisons were an assemblage of an old and a young beer. For the young beer, also called “bière de coupage”, we used our four grains saison to provide a rustic basis with a delicate texture. The old beer is one and three years old lambic that we selected from our favorite producer. The beer is naturally carbonated from the blend, no sugar added. We hope that this beer brings you back to the early days of farmhouse beer in Wallonia. Brewed and blended in our 800 years old farm. " Only difference between the 3 batches is the lambic/saison proportion: 1< 2 < 3

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