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  • La Sambre Barley IV


    "A full barley vairation of our Rye IV. Our take on the heaviest of all Belgian classic, the quadrupel. We have used different layers of caramel malts and high quality belgian candi syrup to create a complex bouquet of dried fruits including plums, dates, dried raisins as well as notes of fresh cherries."

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  • La Sambre Glass

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  • La Sambre Socoron


    "Socoron (or Socouran) is the name used to designate 6 row winter barley in Wallonian dialect and translates as "Escourgeon" in French. It is one of our traditional saison. It’s brewed with malted and raw local 6 row winter barley. This grain is more challenging to work with and has a much lower yield which explains its rarity in modern beer. However, the challenges it creates are worth facing to get its deep rustic profile with earthy and bready notes. A traditional farmhouse yeast strain combining high attenuation and a complex fermentation profile that displays white spices, lemon, grappes and grassy herbal notes. An authentic farmhouse beer, Brewed in our 800 years old farm."

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