Gruit Ale


  • Nevel Weder


    hazy wild ale that was brewed with locally foraged yarrow, mugwort and myrica gale instead of hops. Mugwort serves as the main bittering ingredient, while yarrow and sweet gale infuse the brew with warm herbal aromas that are reminiscent of eucalyptus and honeyflower. Weder is fermented with kveik, a traditional Norwegian farmhouse yeast that creates a full body and fruity notes of pineapple and citrus. Complex, tart flavours combined with medicinal, herbal notes make for a wonderfully surprising and challenging beer! Bottled in November 2017 with a BB November 2019.

  • Kemker / Gruthaus Dubbel Porse


    Collaboration with Gruthaus Brauerei (Münster, DE). Brewed with the original gruitmixture of Münster (containing bog myrtle, caraway, juniper and hops), Cooled overnight in a coolship and fermented with their house culture. Barrel-aged for 10 months in red wine barrels.

  • Kemker Stadt Land Bier


    "Stadt Land Bier is our canvas for an easy drinking Saison. This batch was brewed with German Tettnanger and Belgian Centennial hops. Fermented with our houseculture in red wine barrels." Batch 2020-02

  • La Source Locuste


    "Locuste is the barrel aged version of our sour gruit : Criquet. It stayed for several month in white wine barrels which, with the conjugated efforts of the wild yeast we added, mellowed the base beer and gave it more complexity"

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