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  • La Source Grive


    "Our house Belgian Bitter, brewed with belgian malt, house yeast and belgian Comet. Simple, bitter, super drinkable."

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  • Buxton Best Bitter


    "A classic Best Bitter hopped with British grown fuggles and goldings, featuring a robust malt backbone and a pleasingly bitter sweet finish."

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  • Gross Bad Decisions & Regrets


    "The first of three collaborations with Phantasm, using this ingredient to achieve an extraordinarily aromatic NEIPA with a strong tropical fruit aroma. By adding Phantasm to the whirlpool and the early addition of dry hopping, we were able to give an extra boost and achieve an amazing aroma result. Phantasm is a powder derived from Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc grapes from New Zealand, rich in thiol precursors known to create aromas of citrus, guava and passion fruit."

  • Siren Reviver
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    Siren Reviver


    "Reviver is a hearty ale which takes our modern approach to a Best Bitter and embellishes in strength, flavour and body. Expect a rich colour, citrus and floral aromas, toasty malts and delicate, cask-like carbonation."