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  • De la Senne / Pravda...


    "Schieve Kolos is a collaboration brewed with our friends -Yuri Zastavny and Marco Cervetti- from the Pravda brewery in Lviv, Ukraine.
    It turned out a saison which highlights rustic cereals (spelt, rye and wheat) and has been dryhopped with a Ukrainian hop variety, Zachrava. Her color is blonde with a coppery hue. Her appearance is slightly cloudy and she has a creamy foam. Her nose evokes fresh yeast, cereals and hops. On the palate, there is a particular fruitiness reminiscent of wild strawberries, as well as notes of apricots and white flowers, and a very light touch of nutmeg. She has a delicate and refreshing bitterness, with a pleasantly mellow body."

  • De la Senne Brussels Calling


    Belgian IPA. Vintage 2021. "Bitter is Better".

  • De la Senne Bruxellensis


    "4 months bottle refermented with 100% Brussels Brettanomyces yeast.
    Amber colored with copper reflections, very fruity (pineapple and red fruits), sustained by hop flavors and complex notes of old leather. In spite of its 6,5%, its dry and bitter finish makes it a surprising thirst-quencher."

  • De la Senne Bruxellensis...


    Brett Pale Ale aged for 6 months on Nuits-Saint-Georges Wine Barrels.

  • De la Senne Jambe-de-Bois


    Hoppy Tripel

  • De la Senne Ouden Vat


    Barrel Aged Flemish Ale

  • De la Senne Saison de Meyboom


    2020's edition.

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  • De la Senne Saison van de...


    Saison van de Bruwer is a spelt Saison, dry-hopped and fermented with added Brettanomyces. It is blond, opalescent; its very persistent foam is creamy and fine. Very aromatic and fruity, its nose is reminiscent of pineapple, quince, apricot, and gooseberry. A ‘funky’ touch, typical of Brettanomyces, completes the picture. In the mouth these same flavors are intensified and accompanied by notes of cereals, a floral touch, and a final that evokes lime zests.
    Its attack is mellow, but its finish is dry and bitter — typical character traits of the 1920s Saisons.

  • De la Senne Taras Boulba

  • De la Senne Terf


    "Terf (Dutch dialect word meaning "tarwe" = wheat) is a beer that we brewed to support a group of young peasants from the neighboring region of Pajottenland. They strive towards a type of agriculture that respects both the land and the people. They accept to take risks and they fight to give the right credit to ancient cereals, wheat in particular. Some of them work with organic cultures, all of them follow farming methods that respect the environment as much as possible. The sale price of their cereals allows for a fair pay to the farmer. We decided to support their cause by brewing a beer that is sold within their network and values their products. The coordination of the project has been assured by our friends from 3 Fonteinen brewery in Lot. Terf is a wheat beer, blonde and h...

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  • De la Senne Winter Mess


    Vintage 2020. Belgian Strong Dark Ale

  • De la Senne Zenne Pils Glass

  • De la Senne Zinnebir


    "Brussels people ale

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