• Malmö Meadery Cherry Oh, Cherry Oh, Honey
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    Malmö Meadery Cherry Oh,...


    BA Still Mead with loads of cherries

  • Malmö Meadery Here's Honey!
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    Malmö Meadery Here's Honey!


    Black Currant Session Mead.

  • Malmö Meadery Hmm... Honey
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    Malmö Meadery Hmm... Honey


    Blackberry. Semi dry, no carbonation and a lot of wine flavors. Half of the mead is barrel aged in used red wine barrels for two years and the rest of the mead is fermented in new oak barrels. It was blended a few month ago and now it's ready to be served. It has a balanced sweetness from the honey, nice fruitiness from the blackberries and a lot of oak from the barrels.

  • Malmö Meadery We Are Late Honey
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    Malmö Meadery We Are Late...


    Raspberry Session Mead.

  • Malmö Meadery You're a Peach Honey
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    Malmö Meadery You're a...


    Peach Session Mead.

  • Superstition / Malmö ¡Spike!
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    Superstition / Malmö ¡Spike!


    Sparkling Cherry Pineapple Mead

  • Superstition Aphrodisia Batch 21
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    Superstition Aphrodisia...


    Aphrodisia Batch 21 is made with Arizona Wildflower honey and California Cabernet grapes, and aged for 12 months in American oak barrels that previously held White Series and Aphrodisia meads.

  • Superstition Hawaiian Honeymoon
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    Superstition Hawaiian...


    Mead with ineapple and vanilla beans.

  • Superstition Lagrimas de Oro
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    Superstition Lagrimas de Oro


    Made with mesquite blossom honey and aged in Bourbon barrels.

  • Superstition Marion
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    Superstition Marion


    Blackberry, Blueberry and Raspberry mead.

  • Superstition Strawberry Sunrise
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    Superstition Strawberry...


    "This semi-sweet mead is an ultimate expression of strawberries, honey and vanilla."

  • Superstition Vanilla Marion
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    Superstition Vanilla Marion


    Blackberry, Blueberry and Raspberry mead aged on Tahitian Vanilla Beans.

  • Superstition World Harvest
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    Superstition World Harvest


    Two honeys, dark muscavado sugar from Mauritius, Canadian maple syrup, Tahitian vanilla beans and Turkish sultana raisins.