List of products by brand Reservoir Dogs

  • Reservoir Dogs Black Hole...


    Rum BA Imperial Stout

  • Reservoir Dogs Starvation


    "Here comes the dark beast: as black as a porter, as aromatic as a royal IPA. Starvation is a dark beer with the aroma of citruses, tropical fruit and conifers, with just a hint of roasted coffee and chocolate. It explodes with taste once it hits your mouth. Complex, yet balanced."

  • Reservoir Dogs The Last...


    "In the crypt of a Kostanjevica monastery just a few kilometers from our brewery there is a thomb of the Bourbons. The last king of France found the final resting place there. The Last Bourbon is a thick imperial stout, barrel aged in 3 different bourbon barrels for one year."

  • Reservoir Dogs Warrior


    "Here comes the Apocalypse. Its first rider is the Warrior. It is best to just surrender. This is a New World warrior, a true American pale ale. Dry, fruity, gently bitter. Galaxy and Amarillo create a combination of tropical and orange-like aromas. A classic!"

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