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  • B.Nektar Dude's Rug


    Hard cider with tea and Chai spices (tea with cardamom, clove, cinnamon, ginger and vanilla).

  • B.Nektar Slice of Life


    Hard cider with ginger and lemon juice.

  • Lervig Supersonic


    "More than Double dry hopped with Citra double IPA"

  • DDVD Korenaar Sans Pardon...


    Imperial Stout matured in virgin oak barrels for 6 months.

  • DDVD Korenaar L'Ensemble

  • DDVD Korenaar Fleur Sauvage


    Barrel aged Belle Fleur IPA (13 Months) which gives a funky and complex beer.

  • Lervig Tasty Juice


    DDH Citra IPA

  • DDVD Korenaar L'Ensemble...


    Barley Wine aged for 6months in new oak barrels.

  • Stillwell Poptones


    "Poptones started life as a hoppy pale ale fermented with clean ale yeast to which we added our house farmhouse cultures for a long, slow secondary fermentation in stainless steel" Dry hopped with Saphir before bottling.

  • Stillwell Gosh


    This Farmhouse ale was fermented with Stillwell's house culture and matured in French oak wine barrels. Dry hopped with Mosaic. Bottled Sept 2019

  • Stillwell Poptones (Remix)


    "Poptones started life as a hoppy pale ale fermented with clean ale yeast to which we added our house farmhouse cultures for a long, slow secondary fermentation in stainless steel, followed by a long maturation in French oak barrels that previously held white wine."

  • Stillwell Solo Batch 2


    "Solo Batch 2 is a single barrel bottling of old saison that we thought displayed exceptional balance all on its own. Bottled with modest carbonation and receiving only a gentle dry-hopping with Saphir hops, we think Solo is a great expression of our house cultures over time. Simple, elegant, refreshing."

  • Atom Fig Harvest


    "Farmhouse base beer aged for six months in neutral oak barrels. The beer was then moved to one of our custom built "Punch Down" barrels and added two pounds per gallon of figs. The fruit was punched down twice a day for two weeks then left to referment for two months."

  • Lervig Idaho Picnic


    "Idaho 7 is our favourite new hop because they’re piney, tropical, fruity, citrusy, earthy, and floral all at once. How can you beat that? By combining it with Loral hops - the newest “hot hop” that is bursting with lemon-citrus and dark fruit character. On top of that, we used Cryo Loral, which are specially processed with liquid nitrogen to separate the lupulin glands from the rest of the hop plant to give more of that sweet hop nectar. We brewed them up with Golden Promise malt, chewy oats, and smooth wheat to give a luscious mouthfeel and body to accentuate these special hops. Perfect for a picnic on a beautiful day in Idaho... or anywhere."

  • Bordelet Cormé 2020


    Fermented drink lmde with "Cormes" from very old Sorbus Domestica trees.

  • Bellwoods White Picket...


    "A symbol synonymous with Bellwoods Brewery; our White Picket Fence has undergone a complete overhaul and its re-envisioned form much better reflects the direction of our brewery. This foeder fermented saison is the result of a unique blending regimen wherein 6 month aged beer is mixed with a small percentage of fresh beer, before being gently dry-hopped and bottle conditioned. Labour intensive in process, but rewarding in result. A complex, layered beer with perfect champagne-like carbonation to carry the lemon meringue aromatics, bright hop character, and rich brett notes. Refined and balanced acidity with lots of complimentary citrus.."

  • Stillwell Glou


    Blend 2. This Farmhouse ale was fermented with Stillwell's house culture and matured in French oak wine barrels. Dry hopped with Mosaic.

  • Stillwell Preach


    "Preach was blended from four diverse tart or bitter saisons, each fermented and aged in oka wine barrels. The blend was re-fermented with 300g/l whole Nova Scotia grown peaches." Bottled Jan 2019.

  • Stillwell Shiro


    "Containing threads brewed over almost a year (including, at 25%, the very light and oaky batch #1, its first appearance in a blend). Shiro is deep, tart, fuzzy and fun. The blend, 860L total, was re-fermented on more than 600 lbs of Nova Scotia-grown Shiro plums for several months prior to bottling. Crush and/or consider."
    Brewed Apr 2017-Feb 2018, Bottled Winter 2018

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  • Abbaye des Rocs Triple...


    Limited edition of the AdR Tripel Impériale aged for 4 months in Cognac barrels. Limited to 500 bottles.

  • DDVD Korenaar Rien Ne Va...


    Malt-Port sweetness of Port combined with the complexity of beer. 3 year Barrel Aegd.

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  • Lervig Helles Yeah


    Helles style dry-hopped with Denali.

  • Hof ten Dormaal Original...


    Farmhouse cider made with Jonagold, Boskoop and Sterappel/reinette étoilée aged for two months in Whiskey barrels.

  • Hof Ten Dormaal / Moon...


    Blond beer co-fermented with apple juice and with Champagne yeast.

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  • Hof Ten Dormaal Kriek...


    BA blond sour beer (Zure van Tildonk) aged with sour cherries and then aged six more months in Whiskey barrels from Brouwerij Het Anker.

  • Lervig NZDDHDIPA


    "More than Double dry hopped with Citra double IPA"

  • Zapovednic Abanamat


    "A dry cider for which apples are collected directly on the territory and in the vicinity of the Memorial Museum-Reserve A. S. Pushkin «Mikhailovsky». Part of the apples are collected in the garden of the house in which lived Valery Karpov, alias Markov from "Reserve" Sergei Dovlatova. For ABANAMATA, we squeezed juice from Antonovka, Melba, Kitai and Lesuga (called the wild apple in our area)."

  • Bordelet Poiré de Glace


    Ice Perry

  • Toksovo Svyatoy domkrat


    "Apple cider, made from fruits grown in the gardens and orchards of the North-West region. It has noticeable tannin and pronounced sourness."

  • Stamm Beyond the Pale


    New England Pale Ale

  • Stamm Botanical Definition...


    "Botanical Defenition of Berry is juicy, rounded, brightly colored, sweet and tart ale with our favorite examples of berries: raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and chokeberries."

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  • Zagovor Dub Soundsystem


    "Sour ale fermented with pineapple, strawberry, raspberry and lime puree. Dedicated to all the music selectors, vibration generals "

  • Zagovor Soul in a Big City


    "Imperial Pastry Sour Ale with raspberry, blueberry and blackberry puree, vanilla and lactose."

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  • Lervig Modern Antique


    "A decade or two ago the West Coast IPA (style dear to our hearts, known for its bold pine/citrus hop profile - high bitterness) was at the forefront of the craft beer revolution. We are giving our modern take on this classic style with loads of Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe and Chinook to give that characteristic dank, resinous flavour with a crystal clear golden appearance that will twinkle in the spring weather. While MODERN ANTIQUE will still have enough noticeable hop-bite, it's not trying to break the IBU-scale so that you're still able to taste something other than palate-wrecking bitterness after one beer. A lustrous will coat your tongue letting the dank, hoppy resin linger with every sip."

  • Bellwoods Jelly King


    "An everyday, juicy, drinkable sour with punchy hop aromatics and fruity foundational flavours. Low bitterness, light body, and pale yellow in colour, with notes of fuzzy peach, tangerine, and cedar. "

  • Bellwoods Barn Owl -22 -...


    "As years passed and our oak aged beer became more robust, we discovered many unique, interesting, single barrels deserving of a special release. Barn Owl was created as a response to these lone wolves, and has grown into a diverse, ongoing series that reflects the growing diversity of our barrel program. The name is a nod to the wise and exacting animal that keeps watch over the farmhouse (er..industrial warehouse), and the one-off creations are released sporadically throughout the year, just as soon as we deem the barrels ripe for the picking."