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  • Alvinne's Felowship 2019 -3...

    € 21,49

    Cuvée de Mortagne (Quad) double barrel aged. From Alvinne's Facebook: "The Second Age in Lord of the Rings lasted for 3441 years and ended with the downfall of Sauron's army when he was defeated by the Last Alliance of Elves and Men following the downfall of Númenor.

    I did not age this Cuvee de Mortagne as long as the Second Age, but the double barrel aging inspired me to call Fellowship beer n°3 Second Age. Aging for almost one year in an Armagnac barrel, we then transferred the beer into 2 smaller White Port barrels aging for another 6 months. It's a beast of a beer, full of flavour and complexity. Little tip, you might like to share this one with friends"

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  • Alvinne's Felowship 2019 -6...

    € 15,29

    From Alvinne's Facebook: " In the distant north of Middle-earth between the far reaches of the Blue and the Misty Mountains, lay a wide icy bay of the Great Sea. This was the mighty Icebay of Forochel(the name Forochel means 'northern ice'), which extended far into the coldest regions of the north of Arda. To the north and west, the bay was sheltered from the Sea by the curve of the Cape of Forochel. Despite its freezing climate, tribes of Men lived around the shores of the Icebay. Fellowship beer n°6 is an Icebock, a technique that the Men living around the shores of the Icebay may have mastered. It's a simple technique of freezing and thawing. At Alvinne we blended Pays d'Erpigny and it's barrel aged version Cuvee d'Erpigny, as icebocking will intensify flavours and one needs ...

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  • Siren Maiden 2019

    € 9,88

    The 2017 blend contains beer from Rum, Bourbon (including Heaven Hill - Jim Beam), Red Wine (French Oak), Tequila and Auchentoshan Single Malt barrels, along with about 15% made up of fresh Maiden. The aroma truly sings this year with red wine and berry notes prominent, before pillowy soft marshmallow on the palate gives way to spirit and spicy wood undertones. The blend rounds off with a long, rich finish.

  • Siren Sins

    € 3,82

    "This 7th Anniversary Celebration takes inspiration from the seven deadly sins. Using some artistic license and 1000l of Apple Juice, 'Sins' is a beer/cider hybrid, a style sometimes referred to as a Graf. Even more unusually, we've taken this concept into a robust stout recipe!"

  • Atrium Breu

    € 2,74

    Dry Stout. 40 IBU; 75 EBC

  • Struise Cuvée Delphine 2018

    € 3,71

    Black Albert aged on Four Roses Bourbon barrels.

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  • Struise Pannepot Reserva 2018

    € 3,03

    Bourbon BA Dark Strong Ale

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  • Struise Robert the Great

    € 3,09

    Port Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

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  • Stillwell Auld

    € 12,10

    "Aged for one year in our smallest ex-Cognac foeder, Auld is our old ale. Inspired by the intersection of Belgian and English brewing tradition, Auld was fermented with our house mixed culture, delivering a dry, vinous and deeply malty beer. "

  • Lervig / Track Cheap Lunch

    € 4,42

    Imperial stout with peanut butter, chocolate, vanilla and caramel

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  • Verzet Barrel Aged Baby Jesus

    € 15,66

    Gouden Carolus Single Malt Whiskey BA Imperial Porter with Coffee

  • Atrium / Totem Albino

    € 4,24

    Imperial Milk White Stout brewed with coffee, Vanilla and Cacao nibs.

  • Lervig / North Nitro Hot...

    € 4,72

    "We’ve brewed twice in Leeds with North Brew Co., so were delighted when they were able to come to Stavanger and brew with us. The first two brews we made together were fruited sours, so this time we decided to go for a big stout… we like stouts, and we know North like stouts - so it was a no brainer. But to change things up a little we agreed to try our collective hands at a Nitro… So in true Lervig / North fashion we made an extremely decadent and bold stout. On top of that we added about 3 times the normal amount of cocoa nibs to get the deepest most natural chocolate flavour we possibly could. Tasting great in the tank… time to run it on the cans! We were super excited to test our new widget cans out."

  • DOK Oat Uw Muile

    € 3,23

    Oatmeal Stout

  • Abbaye des Rocs Triple...

    € 10,69

    Limited edition of the AdR Tripel Impériale aged for 4 months in Cognac barrels. Limited to 500 bottles.

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  • La Source Taupe
    • Nieuw

    La Source Taupe

    € 2,42

    Porter with Chocolate notes brewed with wheat and black wheat.

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  • Extraomnes Schandaal!
    • Nieuw

    Extraomnes Schandaal!

    € 3,10

    Speculoos Quadrupel

  • Kees Barrel Project 20.03
    • Nieuw

    Kees Barrel Project 20.03

    € 4,22

    Barley wine aged for 6 months on Islay Single Malt Whisky barrels.

  • L'Ermitage Laboratoire d'Alchimie n°3 - Dark Lager
    • Nieuw

    L'Ermitage Laboratoire...

    € 2,45

    Dark Lager hopped with Nelson Sauvin.

  • La Source Noire Framboise
    • Nieuw

    La Source Noire Framboise

    € 3,28

    "Noire Framboise is a very dessert-like imperial stout. A very smooth and choclaty grain bill layered with a generous dose of raspberries and cacao nibs. Yummy!"

  • De Moersleutel 4 Years Dessert
    • Nieuw

    De Moersleutel 4 Years Dessert

    € 10,37

    BA Imperial Stout

  • De Moersleutel 4 Years Dinner
    • Nieuw

    De Moersleutel 4 Years Dinner

    € 7,89

    BA Imperial Stout

  • De Moersleutel Motorolie
    • Nieuw

    De Moersleutel Motorolie

    € 4,83

    Russian Imperial Stout

  • De Moersleutel Resonance
    • Nieuw

    De Moersleutel Resonance

    € 3,11

    Coconut and chocolate stout. Contains lactose.

  • De Moersleutel Wanna taste my gingerbread man?
    • Nieuw

    De Moersleutel Wanna taste...

    € 5,26

    Imperial Gingerbread stout brewed with Ginger, Vanilla, Cinnamon and nutmeg.

  • De Moersleutel Willy Tonka 4 (Tonka - Liquorice)
    • Nieuw

    De Moersleutel Willy Tonka...

    € 5,26

    Imperial Stout brewed with Tonka beans and Liquprice