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  • Browarny Fatality

    € 4,54

    "Fatality is our new New Zealand Hazy DIPA. We have added (probably the first in Poland) Subzero Hop Kief from Freestyle Hops to the beer. This is to compete with the well-known Incognito and Cryo. The version we used it in is Motueka, and it will also be added in T90 form.Expect pear, lime, citrus and tropical fruits."

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  • Browarny Unstoppable

    € 4,54

    "Unstoppable, our first beer brewed in Browar Stu Mostów. After a few cooperative beers, it's time for our fully original beer. As we mentioned, this season will be marked by New Zealand for us. We will follow this direction as well. It will be New Zealand Hazy DIPA on Rakau, Kohatu, Motueka hops and the addition of Citra in the form of Cryo and Incognito. And after the beer you can expect Tropical Fruits, Limes, Pine Needles, Apricots, Figs."