• Bordelet Poiré Authentique

    € 11,05
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  • Bordelet Poiré Granit 2019

    € 17,91

    The granite cuvée comes from a granitic soil that offers a big character with good minerality. It is the expression of very old trees pears (300 years) measuring 20 meters high who never saw a drop of chemical treatment. 17 varieties of pears carefully sorted and divided into identical quantity make up each year, in order to receive the identity of the vintage, this wine.
    Eric Bordelet area, is located in southern Normandy, on the massif Armoricain in an extension of the Domfrontais on the borders of Mayenne and Orne.

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  • Bordelet Cormé 2020

    € 37,46

    Fermented drink lmde with "Cormes" from very old Sorbus Domestica trees.

  • Bordelet Poiré

    € 4,21
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  • Nevel Perry

    € 10,17

    "We pressed and naturally fermented the aromatic Doyenné du Comice pears, without adding any sulfites or enzymes. To finish it off we put this cider on oaken barrels for 5 months. As we did not add any sulfites, Perry turned out quite a bit more sour than you might expect of a pear cider, super refreshing with lovely citrus tones. A cider with a lot of flavour, perfectly made to serve cold on a sunny day. "

  • Jaanihanso Perry Méthode...

    € 14,92

    Dry Sparkling perry made with 100% fresh local pears.

  • Kystin Kalysie

    € 9,28

    Perry with ginger

  • Kystin Pur

    € 8,40
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