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  • Lervig / Basqueland...

    € 17,31

    "Elevate your taste buds with the luxurious flavors of our latest Off the Rack, made in collaboration with Basqueland Brewery. A strong imperial stout aged for 9 months in rich, freshly emptied Portuguese tawny port barrels, delivering a complex flavor profile with notes of spiced red fruits, stewed cherries, and raisins. With no additions, this brew showcases the artistry of barrel-aging in all its glory."

  • Lervig / Pulpit Rock...

    € 4,79

    "Contains ALMONDS. Kransekake Stout – a collaboration with Pulpit Rock Brewing Company from Decorah, Iowa. This one-time-only batch presents a visually appealing deep, dark appearance, setting the stage for a truly indulgent experience. Immerse your taste buds in a symphony of flavors as sweet vanilla, sugar, coffee, and roasted almonds dance harmoniously on your palate. The addition of authentic Norwegian “kransekake” during the boil pays tribute to the shared heritage of the Norwegian brewery and Pulpit Rock, named after one of Stavanger’s most iconic tourist attractions. With an ABV of 11%, this limited-edition brew is designed to satisfy the cravings of those with a sweet tooth. Pair it with a selection of pastries, cookies, or even a scoop of your favorite ice cream to elevate the delightful sweetness to new heights. Each velvety sip of Kransekake Stout encapsulates the essence of the beloved Norwegian celebratory cake! "

  • Lervig / Stillwater Times 8

    € 4,79
    Niet op voorraad
  • Lervig / Zapian Basque Cider

    € 12,09

    Pecan apples, Maple, Tolosa

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  • Lervig 3 Bean Stout

    € 4,09
    : 3

    Imperial Stout brewed with Tonka, Cocoa & Vanilla beans.

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  • Lervig 3 Bean Stout Rum BA

    € 15,99

    Imperial Stout brewed with Tonka, Cocoa & Vanilla beans and aged in Bourbon barrels.

  • Lervig Coconuts Imperial Stout

    € 4,75

    Imperial Stout brewed with maple, Vanilla and coconuts

  • Lervig Easy

    € 2,75
  • Lervig Fjordly Apple Cider

    € 2,64
  • Lervig Glas

    € 3,72
    Niet op voorraad
  • Lervig glas Lucky Jack

    € 3,31
  • Lervig Hipster for Christmas

    € 11,10

    "Barley wine Aged in bourbon barrels for one year

    A holiday ode to our barrel-aged barley wine, Hipster for Christmas initially hits you with intense caramel and the inherited barrel notes of bourbon, coconut, vanilla, chocolate, dried fruits, toffee, and a little cinnamon bun to finish off your Christmas spirit. "

  • Lervig Hoppy Holiday Haze

    € 3,48
    : 2

    "Its back! this time bigger hops and bigger mouth feels! Loral Cryo / Sabro this year replacing the outdated Galaxy hops we want maximum citrus and a tropical punch. Have a very hoppy Christmas!"

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  • Lervig Human Nature

    € 3,28

    Guava Sour

  • Lervig Loudspeaker

    € 3,30

    "We like House Parties here in Norway… But no House Party is complete without a decent Loudspeaker. Brewed with Galaxy and Enigma to give it that unmistakable hop forward tropical citrus fruit flavour and light malt with flaked oats for that full bodied but not too heavy mouthfeel."

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  • Lervig Naughty & Nice

    € 2,57

    "Doppelbock - A perfect beer for Christmas especially for food. Malty, caramelized and full bodied with tastes of dark fruits, toffee, plum and subtle chocolate and coffee note"

  • Lervig Nitro Peanut Better...

    € 5,30

    "Contains alot of peanuts!! shake gently to give it a stir, before pouring hard! “No, this beer isn’t ‘flat’ – it has been nitrogenated. We would highly recommend serving this cake, umm, CAN after a big dinner as dessert. Crack it open to the nice nitro hiss, quickly pour it down in a tall tumblr glass and just enjoy the nice cascade. If your friends aren’t mesmerized by the cascade yet, let them have a smell of the glass and they will soon realize that this beer is just stuffed with real peanuts!! The smell should really be enough to win the great Norwegian bake off. Great chocolate, coffee, and peanut aroma. Most importantly, the taste? Expect something between a salted peanut fudge cake and peanut mocha coffee!"

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  • Lervig Nitro Stout

    € 2,72

    "Lervig’s nitro stout is a dry Irish stout brewed with a good roasty hoppy balance. It’s use of nitrogen and the gas trapping capsule aka “widget” releases nitrogen when opening the can to create a smooth mouthfeel combined with a dry but full taste. Easy to drink yet packed full of flavor, Lervig Nitro stout will satisfy your dark urges." best before 29/09/2023

  • Lervig No Worries

    € 1,95

    Hoppy and Alcohol Free

  • Lervig No Worries - Driving...

    € 1,99

    "Christmas is a terrible time to be out of control of your inhibitions so we want to offer you a special beer to enjoy your family get-togethers while keeping the peace. Driving Home for Christmas offers you all the malty, dark roasted, and spice notes of other Christmas beers – but with none of the alcohol! Now you can feel free to have a couple beers over at a member of the family’s place for Christmas dinner, and still drive the hell out of there once the political arguments start and your aunt begins awkwardly picking on your cousin for failings in life. Driving Home for Christmas: all of the Christmas flavour with none of the holiday drama!"

  • Lervig No Worries Grapefruit

    € 1,99

    Alcohol Free Hoppy Beer with Grapefruit.

  • Lervig No Worries Mango

    € 1,95

    Alcohol Free Hoppy Beer with Mango

  • Lervig No Worries Pineapple

    € 1,95

    Alcohol Free Hoppy Beer with Pineapple

  • Lervig No Worries Wild Berries

    € 1,95
    : 3

    "No Worries Wild Berries. Whether you’re looking to reduce your alcohol consumption or simply love the taste of fruity beers, this alcohol-free beer is bursting with delicious wild berry goodness. Enjoy a cold glass of No Worries Wild Berries on a hot summer day, or share it with friends at your next barbecue. Cheers to a healthy and flavorful beer experience! "

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  • Lervig Original Sin

    € 4,79

    "According to some, humanity is born with a built-in urge to do bad things. In that spirit, we tried to do something good when we designed this beer, using a massive malt base to create depth and complexity with the right amount of roasted malt and caramel notes. Upon that base we layered more than twice the amount of cocoa nibs that we’ve ever used in a beer before, along with a healthy dose of vanilla. What came out of the tank is a full-on dark chocolate parade for the palate – combining accents of milk chocolate,
    vanilla, and freshly roasted coffee with a deeply, rich cocoa coating for the entire mouth. Some say that we’re all born into sin, so we may as well taste the forbidden fruit while we’re here."

  • Lervig Paragon 2021

    € 17,89

    "Paragon 2021 showcases our patient and considered approach to tending nearly 60 different bourbon barrels for over 12 months. This edition of our distinguished barley wine displays strong notes of caramel and oak-ageing with hints of tabacco, fruit cake and vanilla. The finish is distinctly bourbon forward and complex with a balanced bitterness and perceived sweetness that gives way to a warming sensation from the 13.8% alcohol."

  • Lervig Paragon 2022

    € 17,31

    "Paragon 2022 brings together bourbon barrel-aged barley wine and masterfully expresses notes of dried figs, raisins, and vanilla, complemented by caramel, toffee, and chocolate notes from the malt. The result is a symphony of flavors that envelops your palate, disguising the alcohol content with finesse. It’s a testament to our dedication to the old style and the artistry of brewing, encapsulated in every bottle."

  • Lervig Peach Pilsner

    € 2,82

    "Peach Pilsner, a beer that combines the crispness of a pilsner with a subtle hint of juicy peach flavor. With its light and flavorful profile, Peach Pilsner is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a balanced and easy-drinking beer."

  • Lervig Perler for Svin

    € 3,55

    "Loaded with Azzaca, Mosaic and Simcoe hops, this low-bitterness IPA has an extremely juicy aroma to complement the complex mouthfeel. Our extensive dry-hopping and fermentation regiment ensures we archieve Garden of Eden juiciness. The resulting flavour is in-your-face-tropical mango and lychee with stone fruit finishing notes."

  • Lervig Pink Mug

    € 5,79
  • Lervig Rackhouse All I want...

    € 28,88

    2023 Version. "Creamy, thick and pleasantly sweet, our take on a classic Christmas beverage features rum, cinnamon and vanilla with whispers of nutmeg. It’s like a melted vanilla ice cream with Christmas spices."

  • Lervig Rackhouse Black...

    € 17,98

    "Stout aged in tennessee whiskey barrels for 10 months. We took our 3 bean stout a step further and spiced it up with a bit of heat and give it nudge with Norwegian cherry juice. And of course the barrel aging is the icing on this cake. Vanilla, coconut oak and a touch of the bourbon will satisfy your senses in full."

  • Lervig Rackhouse Blue Plate...

    € 17,98
    : 1

    "Bourbon barrel aged imperial stout with vanilla 13.5%. This beer is nostalgic. Growing up in ’80s America I used to go to the local diners for their “blue plate special”. Pancakes, 2 bacon strips, toast and coffee. Nothing beats that bacon when it mixed with the maple syrup on the plate… This Maple Bourbon barrel aged Breakfast stout reminds me of the great diners of yesterday; may they reemerge in our world again!"

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  • Lervig Rackhouse Chocolate...

    € 17,31

    "Introducing our new Imperial Stout: an 18-month-aged marvel in bourbon and rum barrels. Inspired by chocolate-dipped raisins, it entices with cocoa nibs, vanilla, and raisins. Complex, with sweet dark fruits and luscious chocolate, this velvety elixir reveals layers of indulgence. Crafted with passion, it’s an extraordinary masterpiece to savor. Cheers to extraordinary moments!"

  • Lervig Rackhouse Coconut...

    € 17,31

    "This beer is defined by a natural marriage of coconut, rum and bourbon which produce aromas of coconut cream pie. Upon the first sip, light notes of honey and spice dance on the tongue before freshly-brewed coffee intertwines with the dominant toasted coconut flavours. The finish has a boozy edge which is softened by vanilla-forward sweetness and oak lactones from both the coconut and 14 months in bourbon & rum barrels."

  • Lervig Rackhouse Dulce de...

    € 17,31

    Contains Lactose. "Inspired by the Latin American dessert, this pastry stout this offers a creamy, caramel sweetness characterized by toffee and butterscotch with a subtle vanilla finish. The bourbon flavours imparted by 13 months in the barrels contribute hints of caramel, pecan and nutmeg which complement the dessert-forward notes of this decadent beer.
    Pour over a fresh churro and experience una delicia!"

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