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  • Burning Sky / Thornbridge...

    € 13,96

    "This beer started life in March 2019, brewed with our long term friends at Thornbridge. A portion was released by them as Vicious Circle in 2020. The remainder was sent to us, aged further in our barrels, then blended with a mixed fermentation saison. A true representation of both breweries’ barrel ageing projects, we have come full circle."

  • Burning Sky Cherry Saison

    € 15,53

    "Sour Morello Cherries from Kent were delivered to us fresh and added to a nine month old foudre aged saison. Further ageing and refermentation has drawn out a beautiful colour and complexity of cherry fruit, almond and oak flavours."

  • Burning Sky Petite Saison

    € 4,82

    "This mixed-fermentation saison is a light and easy-drinking small beer. Aged in white wine barrels, this delicate beer was then dry-hopped for a refreshing finish."

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  • Burning Sky Plum Provision

    € 15,59

    "Our benchmark mixed fermentation saison was aged for six months in oak to develop it’s distinctive flavour profile. The beer then spent a further three months on fresh Victoria and Marjorie plums. The sweet, yellow flesh gives a deep richness of flavour, whilst the dark skins lend colour and a balanced tartness to the beer."

  • Burning Sky Project 23

    € 15,24

    "Project 23 is our latest collaboration with Westwell Vineyard. A mixed fermentation beer was aged in Cognac barrels for three years before it was added to 200kg of unfermented, foot crushed Pinot Noir grapes. Fermentation of the grapes ran through the beer, producing an intense wine character."

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  • Burning Sky Saison...

    € 15,13

    "Brewed just once a year, Anniversaire is a celebration of everything we at Burning Sky love about saisons. Lightly spiced in the boil, this special edition beer was fermented and aged entirely in French Chardonnay Barriques using our house saison and a blend of wild yeast strains."

  • Burning Sky Saison de Pêche

    € 15,47
    : 2

    "A special release if our Saison Provision, this beer was aged on a mix of whole yellow and white peaches for three months. Delicious redolent fruit flavours married with our classic house acidity gives us a beer to truly savour."

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  • Burning Sky Table Beer

    € 13,46

    "This low alcohol mixed fermentation beer was made with a variety of grains for a rustic flavour and then aged in well seasoned oak barrels for eight months to allow the yeasts to work their magic. The resulting beer was then dry hopped with whole leaf Celia for light earthy and citrus notes."

  • Burning Sky Wild Rose Saison

    € 15,59
    : 3

    "Wild Rose Saison is a mixed fermentation beer using our unique house culture. Wild rose hips were added to the copper with select spices and noble hops. A lengthy fermentation in fresh red wine barriques has produced a delightful beer with notes of roses, fresh strawberries and rounded off with a subtle funk."

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