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  • La Malpolon / Garrigues /...

    € 10,93

    Sour beer fermented fermented on sourdough from an Outland beer (season and chenin lees) then aged for 14 months in two barrels previously used by Les Garriques.

  • La Malpolon / Goutte d'Or...

    € 11,91

    "Rye and grilled pumpkin beer aged a year in barrels. Filtered on hay, and grilled pumpkins macerated in our coolship a night on the hot wort."

  • La Malpolon Blé Fenouil

    € 6,06

    Wibier / Blanche brewed with wild fennel seeds.

  • La Malpolon Chai -...

    € 12,01

    "Base of wild beers on elderflowers and white wine lees and sour beers all aged around a year. Blend made with 11 different aromatic plants / fruits (Juniper, Figs, Fennel, lavender, thyme, rosemary...) selected by the ladies from La Theriaque gin makers: "

  • La Malpolon El Don John

    € 5,21

    "Micro blend of wild beers (on native elderberry yeast, apples, natural wine lees, etc.) all aged in demijohns in our cellar!"

  • La Malpolon Gourgas Pomace

    € 11,91
    : 1

    "Blend of BA sour raw ale mautred for 3 weeks on pomegranate pomace and with BA saisons beers."

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  • La Malpolon Grappe Rouges 2021

    € 12,32
    : 2

    "Blend of barrel aged wild beers on Syrah pomace:
    - 70% rye beer on Cinsault pomace 2020
    - 15% wheat beer on Cinsault must 2020
    - 15% mixed fermented beer"

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  • La Malpolon Grappe Rouges 2022

    € 11,91
    : 4

    "A blend of beers aged in barrels and fermented on grape pomace (Syrah, Morastel) or on Cinsault juice, with a barrel of sour beer."

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  • La Malpolon Grenats

    € 12,03

    "Black lager with pomegranate pomace, 10 month of barrel aging in ex-wine casks, and maceration on Carignan (red grapes) pomace"

  • La Malpolon Grisette 1

    € 2,88

    "Mix fermented grisette, artisan malts, filtered on hay, whole hop flowers, house yeast blend."

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  • La Malpolon Grosse Coupure

    € 6,77

    "Blend of barrel aged (bourbon and rivesaltes) strong and dark beers (Imperial Stout, Barley Wine and Quandrupel) with a younger Imperial Stout. "

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  • La Malpolon Rouge Vermillon

    € 11,95
    : 1

    "Blend of red sour mix ferm beers, for half of it fermented on lact-fermented apricots and aged a year in Banyuls barrels. The blend has spent few days on 200kg of fresh Roussilon apricots"

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  • La Malpolon Saison du Chai

    € 11,91

    Blend of six barrels of saisons and mixed fermented beers. the average of the BA beers used is 10 months.

  • La Malpolon Saison Maison 1

    € 6,67

    Mix Culture House yeast Saison with elderflowers and their wild yeast. Little dry-hop with Mistral.

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  • La Malpolon Small Botch -...

    € 3,20

    Mix fermentation ale with local Arbutus.

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  • La Malpolon Super Guilloire...

    € 10,07

    SAISON DE COUPAGE, Version 2022: Half BA Saisson and half is afresh and young saison. Bottled on 15/05/2022.

  • La Malpolon Surette 1

    € 7,76

    "Mix ferm gently sour beer with a maceration of locally foraged Artemisia Abrontanum (tastes a bit like cola) and limequats (mix of lime and kumquats) from a producer in the Pyrénées (1h45 drive). 3 month lagering in tanks."

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  • La Malpolon Tabula Rasa

    € 6,95
    : 2

    Blond bière de garde dry hopped with strisselpall. BB is April 2023, botlted in April 2022

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