List of products by brand Jackie O'S Brewery

  • Jackie O's / Buxton Rack -...

    € 20,62
    : 4

    After brewing this imperial stout, it was aged in bourbon barrels for 14 months and conditioned on vanilla beans, almonds, cacao, and pecans.

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  • Jackie O's / Evil Twin...

    € 18,89
    : 2

    Imperial stout brewed with honey, aged in bourbon barrels, conditioned on Mexican cacao nibs, vanilla beans, pasilla chilies, and orange peel.

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  • Jackie O's / Off Color...

    € 18,80

    "Summoned from its rest in rum barrels after fourteen long months, this hefty stout totes tones of spice cake, Demerara Sugar, and nutty cocoa. Brewed in collaboration with our dear friend John Laffler of Off Color Brewing, allow this paranormal stout to warm slightly in the glass before you put your fuzzy paws on it."

  • Jackie O's Black Mask...

    € 17,81

    Bourbon Barrel aged Stout with coffee, cacao nibs, and vanilla beans added

  • Jackie O's Bourbon Barrel...

    € 17,81

    Imperial Porter brewed with maple syrup and aged in bourbon barrels

  • Jackie O's Champion Ground...

    € 17,81

    "In 2015, we had a one off imperial stout aging in barrels for close to a year. These barrels had a rich chocolate/vanilla character. But were asking for a boost. Stauf's coffee roasters in Columbus, Ohio nailed the perfect roast on some authentic Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee to compliment this barrel-aged stout."

  • Jackie O's Dark Apparition...

    € 17,81

    "The hauntingly good brew in your hand is rife with dark complexities. Seven malts were used to create deep flavors of coffee, chocolate, caramel, and molasses. A hint of bitterness and herbal character from carefully selected European and American hops help support the monolithic maltiness. This special batch was aged in bourbon barrels and conditioned on vanilla beans and whole coffee beans. A truly decadent brew that is intended to be poured into your favorite snifter annd given time to warm up from its dark and cool resting place."