• De Ranke Back to Black

    € 9,74
  • The Bruery The Grade

    € 17,64
  • Evil Twin Imperial Doughnut...

    € 13,82
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  • Nevel Noest

    € 6,36

    Vatted Porter (aged for 6 months on stainless steel) with Brettanomyces. BB is May 2020

  • Sori Conca D'Oro

    € 6,07
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  • L'Ermitage Noire du Midi

    € 2,45
  • Verzet Baby Jesus

    € 2,51

    Imperial Porter with Coffee

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  • La Calavera Dead Barrel Island

    € 4,59

    Whisky BA Imperial Baltic Porter

  • La Calavera Valvuline

    € 4,41

    Imperial Porter aged in Whisky and Cognac barrels

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  • Buxton Gatekeeper

    € 2,02

    "A deep dark porter to evoke a sense of mystery. Challenge the Gatekeeper."

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  • Verzet Barrel Aged Baby Jesus

    € 15,66

    Gouden Carolus Single Malt Whiskey BA Imperial Porter with Coffee

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  • Siren Playing the Studio

    € 3,40
  • The Garden Imperial Flat...

    € 3,65

    "Our Flat White Coffee Porter with more of everything! Deeply complex malts, married to chocolate, vanilla and coffee from our favorite roasters Cogito Coffee."

  • The Garden Vanilla -...

    € 2,77

    "A vanilla and chocolate porter aged on French oak and rested on organic cocoa nibs and Madagascar vanilla pods.
    Like velvet on the tongue - chocolate, coffee and dark caramel - it pours heavy with a very thick, dominating head. The aroma is strong dark chocolate with subtle notes of coffee and vanilla. The lactose and vanillin (from the oak) beautifully round the flavours together. A little thin and bitter, like a porter should be, this leaves a slightly roasted coffee bean sensation. After swallowing this soft bitterness gives way to a long lasting vanilla coating on the palate."

  • Buxton Capablanca

    € 9,66

    "Somewhat dry with spice and warmth from the Scotch, with Vanilla and oak notes running alongside from the barrel char."

  • Lervig Christmas Cream

    € 3,26

    "Our Nitro Porter is the perfect festive drink. Brewed to be a light Porter, the added lactose gives the body needed to complement deep chocolate flavour and cinnamon undertones, though it has enough bitterness to balance everything out. We then packaged it into Nitro cans, so you’ll get a beautiful, thick cascading foam with all the richness you want and need for a holiday beer, but at 4.7% it will leave enough room in your belly for Christmas dinner."