Hazy / New England IPA


  • Buxton Axe^X

    € 4,12
    : 4

    NEIPA based on Axe Edge (200% increased dry hopping and 20% oats added to the grist

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  • Lervig Perler for Svin

    € 3,55

    "Loaded with Azzaca, Mosaic and Simcoe hops, this low-bitterness IPA has an extremely juicy aroma to complement the complex mouthfeel. Our extensive dry-hopping and fermentation regiment ensures we archieve Garden of Eden juiciness. The resulting flavour is in-your-face-tropical mango and lychee with stone fruit finishing notes."

  • Lervig Tasty Juice

    € 5,15
  • La Source La Meute

    € 3,58

    Tropical Hazy IPA! Mosaic Cryo, Eldorado and Sorachi Ace (BE) + Golden Promise and Oats

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  • Axiom Teamwork NEIPA

    € 3,95

    "Two brains are better than one, so, following this phylosophy, we sat down as a team and came up with a recipe for a 15°P NEIPA with a blasting composition of hops - Idaho-7, Motueka, Citra, Simcoe and Amarillo. The result is a medium body ale with intensive levels of haziness, with an exotic aroma of citruses and hops, and with a smooth taste profile that slowly accelerates it´s intensity of hops and citruses all the way to a pleasant aftertaste. United we´re stronger than ever before."

  • La Source / Zythologist Honu

    € 3,50

    COCONUT IPA "For this collab with Zythologist, big big up to Hawaii and our common love for IPAs! A generous dry hopping (Citra/Mosaic/Enigma) over which we added coconut shreds."

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  • L'Ermitage Jurassic

    € 3,25

    "At the start of the summer, we had the chance to welcome our friend JeanJass to the brewery for a collaboration as we like them. Thus was born Jurassic, an IPA brewed with a blend of 4 extremely aromatic hops (Citra, Galaxy, Enigma & Idaho7). On the nose we have a nice explosion of exotic fruit notes, on the palate citrus aromas dominate, to finish on a resinous and refreshing bitterness. We are somewhere between sativa and mango. The juicy, resinous side and slightly cloudy reminiscent of East Coast IPAs. It has a 7.5% title, while maintaining a high pintability. Dank & Juicy!"

  • Stu Mostów Wishing Well

    € 3,63

    "Whishing Well is a turbid IPA in which wheat in the form of wheat malt and wheat flakes was used in an amount of almost 50% of the total filling! Intensively hopped with an Australian – American – New Zealand schnitzel that gives a large amount of refreshing tropical and citrus aromas."

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  • The Garden Hazy IPA 11

    € 3,81
    : 4

    "Smooth and full bodied with heavy coconut, berry and stone fruit aromas."

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  • The Garden Hazy IPA 12

    € 3,81

    "Mouth-watering hazy with Passion Fruit, Melon, Pineapple and Tangerine notes."

  • Stu Mostów CO2 Moon

    € 3,83
    : 4

    "An amazingly juicy, hazy IPA with intensely fruity Idaho 7 imparting aromas of tangerine, sweet fruits and an interesting floral and herbal Loral, which ranks as a so-called "super noble hop." The brewers used the brilliant Lallemand Verdant IPA yeast bringing beautiful peach and mango aromas."

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  • Laugar Rookie

    € 4,62

    Hazy IPA w/ Galaxy hops

  • Gross Kipping

    € 4,37

    "Kipping is a New England IPA brewed using our Thiol extraction proccess for even more hoppy goodness. Brewed with pale malt, malted and flaked oats it was mashed with the higest Thiol precursor Saaz. Fermented with a new @whitelabs yeast strain to help liberate those thiols and hopped with Citra and Eclipse hops. Super pungent and fruity with passion fruit, lemon verbena, orange peel and roses."

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  • Siren Jouska

    € 3,21

    "Jouska is a tropical, hoppy festival in a can. We've used amazing American hops to push juicy pineapple and ripe mango flavours, with zesty citrus notes cutting through. It drinks with a smooth, soft mouthfeel that always hits the spot."

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  • Siren One In A Million

    € 4,57
    : 1

    "A juicy IPA absolutely buzzing with hop character that picks up right from where Time Hops left off. Citra, Mosaic and Strata are the stars of the show here, with aromas of mango and lychee that burgeon out of the can and tropical fruit flavours that saturate the beer."

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  • Siren / Stone Recurring Theme

    € 4,08

    "An exciting and long awaited collaboration with our friends at Double-Barrelled! Stemming from a mutual love of big fruited sours, Half Way There is loaded up with four different fruits, balanced by a touch of coconut and pink Himalayan salt. The result is an absolute beauty, with endless passionfruit, juicy pineapple aromas and a sweet vs sharp showdown. Adjuncts: Passion Fruit, Pink Guava, Pineapple, Papaya, Himalayan Pink Salt, Toasted Coconut."

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  • La Source Dry Hop January...

    € 3,96

    "A massive dry hop with only one quest : tropical goodness! Dry hop: ElDorado, Citra, Cryo Ekuanot, Cryo Mosaic"

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  • Soma Eazy IPA

    € 4,93

    Hops: Mosaic, Citra, Azacca & Azacca Cryo.

  • Soma Ghosting Allowed

    € 5,33
    : 3

    IPA w. Motueka, Galaxy, Citra & Mosaic

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  • Soma Hydrant

    € 5,39
    : 1

    IPA w. Motueka, Citra & Rakau

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  • Buxton Phoenix

    € 4,54

    "A juicy India Pale Ale with abundant ripe mango and stone fruit, alongside citrus fruit notes from a combination of Mosaic, Simcoe and Ekuanot hops."

  • Buxton Pyrus

    € 4,54

    "For this hazy IPA we added Harlequin hops at three different stages - in the whirlpool, then dip hopped in FV, and finally dry hopped. Harlequin is the juiciest of modern UK hops and brings big tropical flavours including peach and passionfruit."

  • Neon Raptor Glad That's Over

    € 5,72

    "Glad That's a classic, and now seemingly sarcastically named, Neon Raptor DDH NEIPA with Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic for all the tropical and citrus aromas and flavours you could ask for."

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  • Neon Raptor One Track Lover

    € 5,88

    "I brewed a New England IPA. It was all Mosaic, Citra, El Dorado, and Columbus. It's smooth, like ice, cold to the touch and tastes very nice."

  • Neon Raptor Singles in Your...

    € 6,16

    "You won't believe your eyes. Hot SINGLES IN YOUR AREA want to meet up with you NOW. This DDH IPA is bursting with Mosaic, Motueka AND Columbus for a full on citrus fruit hop assault. You won't believe your tastebuds!"

  • Kees A Whiter Shade of Ale

    € 3,24

    Hazy Thiol IPA.

  • Stu Mostów / FrauGruber...

    € 4,04
    : 2

    "This remarkable NEIPA is fermented using an innovative blend of yeast, which enriches the fruity hop aromas through the biotransformation mechanism of thiols. The main aromas resulting from this process are guava, mango, and citrus. Like typical NEIPAs, this beer is characterized by a cloudy appearance reminiscent of freshly squeezed orange juice. It is also heavily hopped, but with an emphasis on aroma rather than bitterness. Brewed in collaboration with the German brewery Frau Gruber."

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  • Bereta Alley Cat

    € 4,88

    DDH IPA with Mosaic, HBC630 and Nelson Sauvin

  • Bereta Green Stream

    € 4,56

    DDH IPA with Bru-1, Eclipse and Mosaic

  • Bereta Juicebag

    € 3,71
    : 3

    "Our year round New England style IPA."

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  • Bereta Polymorphosis

    € 4,56
    : 2

    DDH New England IPA with Mosaic, Citra and Enigma

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  • Bereta Stuck in a Loop

    € 4,45
    : 3

    DDH IPA with Citra, Citra and Citra

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  • Soma Anytime

    € 5,73

    IPA w. Citra, Mosaic & Motuek

  • Soma Crash Landing

    € 5,64

    IPA w. Citra, Idaho 7, Idaho 7 Cryo & HBC 63

  • Soma Dead Silent

    € 5,76

    IPA w. Citra, Nelson, kohatu & Motueka

  • Surréaliste Two-Year Anniversary
    • Nieuw

    Surréaliste Two-Year...

    € 5,35

    "For our second year anniversary, we’ve brewed a super rich IPA with tons of oats and a touch of milk sugar resulting a super smooth and silky texture. The beer was then triple dry hopped with 18 grams per liter of Citra and Galaxy giving notes of passion fruit, mango and citrus and a gentle bitterness backnote. Enjoy!"