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  • Yazoo Grisette

    € 10,72
  • Yeast of Eden Family Miner

    € 22,02
    : 2

    "Family Miner is our nod to the late 19th century Grisette: the table beer crafted to quench the thirst of stone and coal miners of Belgium. This contemporary interpretation was brewed with a large portion of raw and malted wheat, European noble hops, and open fermented with our native saison microbe blend. Notes of floral hops, hay, and pastoral funk with a stony minerality create a complex, yet inviting beer. Bright, dry, and revitalizing; from us to you, we present Family Miner"

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  • Bellwoods Grisette

    € 8,24

    "Grisette was the first of its kind to emerge at Hafis, earning the esteemed title of our very first beer fermented entirely in oak (aka The Foeder Pyramid™). It's a low ABV, refreshing sipper dry-hopped with French Strisselspalt hops (a variety that's as fun to say as it is delicious), that balances subtle brett, light acidity, and sky-high drinkability. The beer itself is dry and slightly acidic, with soft brett aromatics, and complementary herbal, floral, and citrus notes."

  • Métaphore Rushing out in...

    € 14,67

    "Crushable and playful mixed fermentation beer brewed with organic hops and splash of organic Riesling. Lower alcohol, playfulness, hops and sublime drinkability are the point of this beer. Na zdraví!"

  • La Malpolon Super Guilloire...

    € 10,07
    : 1

    SAISON DE COUPAGE, Version 2022: Half BA Saisson and half is afresh and young saison. Bottled on 15/05/2022.

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  • Alvinne Sun & Fun

    € 2,45
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