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  • de Garde Ivy

    € 23,58

    "Ivy is a beer made with 100% regionally grown pale malted barley. In the kettle, it sees both three to four-year aged whole leaf hops, as well as pellet hops from the most recent harvest. Both are grown here in Oregon. It is the most simple of our recipes, yet one of the most complex in expression. One malt, one hop, our wonderful local water, and time. Ivy spends two years in neutral wine puncheons. We choose from these barrels a blend that is funky, but not too funky. Tart, but not too sour. Complex, but still hedonistic. Really, a blend that we are happy to make, to blend, and ultimately to share, in celebration of our new home."

  • de Garde Riesling Ivy

    € 23,76

    A spontanious wild ale with riesling grapes aged in oak barrels for two years.

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  • de Garde The Law of Motion...

    € 24,77
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    "A Spontaneous Wild Ale with Cider Apples Aged in Oak Barrels for Four Years, Made with Our Friends at Baird & Dewar"

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