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  • Fair Isle Adelaide

    € 30,32

    "A Farmhouse Adambier. Adelaide is our take on an adambier, an old world style ale. Aged in oak for one year, Adelaide is dry with notes of chocolate, stone fruits and a hint of smoke. Born out of a recipe from our homebrewing days, Adelaide is our take on recreating the oft overlooked Adambier style. Hailing from the era of pre-industrialized malting processes, these strong ales exhibited a smoke-forward profile from the use of wood-fired kilns and were usually aged for an extended period in wood. We started with a robust grist of Munich, Vienna, and Chocolate malts alongside the star of the show: Beechwood Smoked Barley. This ingredient allowed us to emulate that smoky aspect, while supporting a more rounded and rich malt base. Adelaide spent over a year in oak puncheons bef...

  • Fair Isle Alexandra

    € 24,24

    "We fell in love with the contribution of fireweed when we did a collab with Jester King – Fair Voyage (we brought down foraged fireweed for the beer). Our friend and ethnobotanist, Alex, first introduced us to fireweed for it’s similarity to green tea and ability to sustainably harvest. Alexandra has notes of green tea, herbs and a hint of citrus "

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  • Fair Isle Alicel

    € 22,19

    Saison with Hallertau Mittelfrüh hops.

  • Fair Isle Almota

    € 24,24

    "An oak-aged farmhouse ale featuring eastern Washington grown malted grain."

  • Fair Isle Gus

    € 24,24

    "An Oak-Aged Farmhouse Ale Dry-Hopped with Idaho Gem While hop-forward beers and oak-aged beers may seem to be in different veins, we’ve particularly enjoyed how these elements play off one another in our saisons. Perhaps you remember Jean-Michel, a release that was blended from puncheons and dry-hopped with French Barbe Rouge. The red fruit elements of the hop varietal and the vanillin present in the wood merged together to create an astounding note reminiscent of strawberry pound cake. This convinced us to continue exploring this path in our oak program, and what led to Gus! Starting with a farmhouse ale base featuring Salish Blue wheat from Skagit Valley Malting, Gus completed primary fermentation in oak puncheons and continued to age for 7 months. A hearty dry-hop of flavorfu...

  • Fair Isle Madame R. Galle

    € 22,19
    : 2

    "Our standard saison inspired by Wallonian saisons along the French Belgian border. Dry, ballanced and refreshing."

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  • Fair Isle Odelette

    € 24,24

    Foeder lagered Bière de Garde

  • Fair Isle Paulie

    € 17,28
    : 3

    "PAULIE is an exploration of an English inspired pub beer subjected to the voracious appetite of our house culture of wild and feral yeasts and bacterias. Brewed with roasted and cara malts, Paulie departs from our typical saison grist profile - bringing you a whole new canvas of aromas and flavor notes. In the tradition of saisons, we recommend drinking this beer fresh."

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  • Fair Isle Tove

    € 30,32

    An oak-aged ale refermented with blackberries