List of products by brand Cerveceria Granizo

  • Granizo / Jester King...

    € 11,48

    BA Sour ale w. rosemary and mushrooms Callampa from Valparaiso.

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  • Granizo / Rare Barrel Noble...

    € 12,11

    "Collaboration with The Rare Barrel (USA). The noble Alerce (Fitzroya cupressoides) is one of the longest-lived trees in the world, living over 3,000 years, transcending our conception of time and space. Noble Alerce is a mixed fermentation beer that patiently matured for eight months in Alerce barrels over 100 years old, which previously fermented apple chicha and, prior to that, beer from southern Chile. More noble impossible! This refreshing beer has a generous and fine carbonation, aromas that evoke the countryside and spices, and in the mouth it has a balanced acidity with fruity and spicy notes. Rustic and delicate at the same time, we are in the presence of a very noble beer!"

  • Granizo Bayas de Alerce

    € 12,56

    "This sour beer matured for 16 months in century old Alerce foudres, was awakened with the addition of a special Syrah grape must, giving rise to this wonder that only the imagination could achieve."

  • Granizo Betta.Cuatro

    € 12,56

    Barrel Aged sour fermented with Syrah must.

  • Granizo Betta.Tres

    € 12,56

    Barrel Aged sour fermented with Semillon must.

  • Granizo Foxy Lady

    € 13,63

    Red wine BA Imperial Stout w. Puta Madre Chili

  • Granizo Series 7 Doppelbrett

    € 11,40

    Doppelbock aged for 18 months in red wine barrels with Brettanomyces

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  • Granizo Sour Pisco

    € 11,40

    Sour with lemon zest agin in Pisco barrels.best before is 02/2023

  • Granizo/ Almanac Gran Cat

    € 12,62

    Imperial Flanders Red aged in french oak and Chilean Alerce then aged with sour cherries.