List of products by brand La Brasserie de la Mule

  • La Mule / Blind Enthisiasm...

    € 2,82
  • La Mule / Nestor Vin...

    € 3,61

    Berliner Weisse referlented with Grolleau grapes from Nestor Vin

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  • La Mule / SIP Me Baby One...

    € 3,61
    : 4

    Berliner Weisse macerated with Riesling pomace from Gooik.

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  • La Mule Berliner Weisse

    € 2,50
  • La Mule Glass

    € 4,13
  • La Mule Hefe Weisse

    € 2,62

    German style Hefe Weisse brewed in Brussels

  • La Mule Helles

    € 2,50
  • La Mule Kölsch

    € 2,54

    Kölsch brewed in Brussels

  • La Mule La Groove

    € 2,57

    Kölsch dry-hopped with generous amounts of Solero

  • La Mule Silber Pils

    € 2,54

    In collaboration with restaurant Amarante.

  • La Mule Straight Saison

    € 2,82

    Brewed with Spelt and Wheat.

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  • La Mule Vienna Lager

    € 2,39

    "Brussels Beer City turns five, and celebrates with a small festival with some friends: BierCult. It has teamed up with five Brussels breweries and five people from Brussels’ beer community to brew five different collaboration beers. Brasserie de la Mule x Cédric Dautinger: Vienna Lager Brewed with a malt bill comprising 75% Vienna malt and 25% pilsner, the beer was made with a single decoction, and hopped with German Hallertau Blanc, and Saaz hops."

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