Baltic Porter


  • The Bruery The Grade

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    : 4
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  • Stu Mostów WRCLW Baltic...

    € 4,59

    "The annual tradition of launching the Baltic Porter in January has been fulfilled. This year's Baltic Porter Festival will be celebrated with one of the three versions of this style performed by us. We divided the excellent base, which was aged at low temperatures for almost half a year, into three parts. We have added something special to each of them. What strongly distinguishes the Baltic porter from the imperial stout is the balance shifted towards caramel malts. A natural combination is the addition of roasted caramel (caramelized sugar) with caramel beer. Often, such compositions end up suppressing one of the ingredients, but this time we managed to find a golden balance. The sweet camel palette, both from malts and from the addition of roasted caramel, complements each other perfectly " Best before is 23/12/2023

  • La Source Murin

    € 3,56

    "It all starts with a complex malt bill. A generous vienna / munich base. The best dark malts and rye for roundness. A long fermentation follows, followed by an even longer lagering. The result is pure and elegant, polished by time..."

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  • Cycle Tuesday 2021

    € 38,77
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    Baltic Porter aged for 30 months barrel aged with Coconut.

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  • Stu Mostów Schooner Or Later

    € 4,91

    "Our last season’s hit, which we decided to intensify this year and multiply by two. In this beer we used a very aromatic addition: roasted coconut and toasted Palo Santo wood – a delicious and incredibly seductive coconut." best before 03/07/2023

  • Stu Mostów Holy Beans

    € 5,41

    "Holy Beans. In the creation of this aged Imperial Porter, we have embraced the full spectrum of malts, integrating an array of caramel, chocolate, and roasted varieties, along with a modest addition of smoked malt, which harmonizes exceptionally well with the Porter profile. As the aging process neared completion, we introduced Palo Santo wood to the tank, infusing the brew with its distinctive coconut-like flavor. To further refine the complexity, we incorporated Tonka beans, imparting a marzipan-like spiciness, enhancing the depth and character of this meticulously crafted beer."

  • Stu Mostów Sherry Shadow...

    € 9,07

    "Imperial Baltic Porter, whose mysterious evolution of taste is a real delicacy for beer connoisseurs. One-year aging in sherry wine barrels, where the beer gained notes of oak, wood and subtle accents of noble oxidation, enriched with an aromatic composition of plums, raisins and molasses."