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  • The Garden / Caleya Florida...

    € 4,01

    " Triple-fruited Sour. Juicy, full-bodied & tangy."

  • The Garden / CoolHead...

    € 4,23

    "Rich, roasty, nutty and complex with notes of chocolate, coffee & dark fruits. Noticeable alcohol warmth with a sweet caramel finish"

  • The Garden / Espiga...

    € 4,23

    "A beer homage to the classic Northern European Biscuit made by two Southern European breweries, us and our Catalan friends. This sweet and complex pastry Stout features ginger, citrus & spices."

  • The Garden / Fausto...

    € 4,23

    " Triple-fruited Sour. Juicy, full-bodied & tangy."

  • The Garden / FF / Hercules...

    € 4,23

    "Sweet & Smooth. Dark & Complex. A 4-way collab with friends from Mexico, Canada & USA"

  • The Garden / La Pirata...

    € 4,23

    "On a recent stop to sunny Spain and the home of our friends La Pirata Brewing we decided to brew up another collab. Last time we went for a lighter beer, so this time we went full out with a big, big Imperial Stout with an interesting flavour twist - carob."

  • The Garden / Pomona Island...

    € 3,59

    "A complex Sour beast made with our Manchester friends. Sweet Cherry and Raspberry balanced with rich Cacao and earthy cold-brew Coffee"Best Before : 23/01/2024

  • The Garden / Sanfrutos...

    € 4,01

    Fruit-packed summer sour. Ripe, bright and aromatic.

  • The Garden / Vetra Apricot...

    € 4,01

    "Mouth-puckering Lime meets sweet Apricot with a hint of salt. Made with Vetra from Italy."

  • The Garden / White Dog West...

    € 4,23

    "Been playing around with some recipes with White Dog Brewery and we came up with this interesting fusion. Cold IPA meets West Coast IPA - dry, refreshing, dank and all kinds of other tasty stuff."

  • The Garden / Willibald East...

    € 4,23

    "Super soft and full-bodied. Luscious notes of Cherries, Candy & Coconut from the HBC630, Talus & Citra hops. Made with our Canadian friends, Willibald Farm Distillery & Brewery."

  • The Garden Afterlife

    € 3,71

    Non Alcoholic Beer (0.5%). "Soft & juicy. Tropical & easy drinking. Packed with notes of Pineapple, Passion Fruit & Citrus"

  • The Garden Citrus IPA

    € 2,80

    "Fresh orange, grapefruit and lime with dank American hops. Dark orange in colour with a slight haze and a lingering, tight white head the aroma is strong sweet orange and tropical fruit. A complex citrus taste is followed by a soft and sticky bittersweet finish. Highly carbonated and easy drinking."

  • The Garden Dolina

    € 4,01

    Imperial Blueberry, Lemon & Vanilla Sour

  • The Garden Double Imperial...

    € 4,16

    "Rich, smooth and ridiculously chocolatey. Rested on Madagascan Vanilla."

  • The Garden Glass Tumbler (1...

    € 4,13

    50cl glass

  • The Garden Imperial Black...

    € 3,65

    "Indulgent dessert stout inspired by the classic German cake. Conditioned on Organic Cacao Nibs and Sweet Cherries"

  • The Garden Milkshake IPA

    € 2,54

    "Sweet creamy and juicy. Super Milky - With 3 times more lactose than we have ever used! Subtle sweet notes of passion-fruit, mango, strawberry, and vanilla. Fermented out with unique White Labs London Fog yeast WLP066."

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  • The Garden Planina

    € 4,23

    Double Imperial Affogato Stout ispired by the Italian classic: Espresso, Cacao & Madagascan Vanilla

  • The Garden Plima

    € 4,23

    "Big, juicy and full bodied. Smooth hazy with waves of Citrus, Berry & Coconut."

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  • The Garden Raspberry Sour

    € 3,28
    : 3

    "Crisp, refreshing and distinct. Tart, mineral and dry with notes of Pineapple & Citrus" Best Before : 17/02/2024

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  • The Garden Uvala

    € 3,28

    "Crisp, refreshing and distinct. Tart, mineral and dry with notes of Pineapple & Citrus"

  • The Garden Valovi

    € 4,01

    Florida Weisse w. Pink Guava, Strawberry & Lime