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  • La Source / Fuerst Wiacek...

    € 4,11

    "A big fat Hazy IPA that will definitely scratch your hop itch! 17g/L of pure hop goodness! YEAYYYYYY"; Malts: Golden Promise, Pils, Oat, Cara, Wheat; Hops: Idaho7, Citra, Mosaic, Nelson

  • La Source / Granizo Cloud...

    € 4,65

    "For this collab with our friends from Granizo when went for a big fat juicy triple IPA with a combo of some of our most beloved hops: Nelson Sauvin, Simcoe & Cryo Sabro. Expect intense fruitiness!"

  • La Source / L'Ermitage...

    € 12,97
    : 1

    "For this collab with our lifelong friends, we decided to mix our cultures! A wild beer with an immoral dose of fresh (and seasonal.) quince fermented with a cocktail of our house cultures."

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  • La Source / La Jungle...

    € 3,23

    "A nice thirst quenching pale ale, that’s what it’s all about! Clean malt flavors and delicate aromas of the Elixir (FR) hops. Cheers!"

  • La Source / Outer Range Stream

    € 4,34


  • La Source / Zythologist Honu

    € 3,50

    COCONUT IPA "For this collab with Zythologist, big big up to Hawaii and our common love for IPAs! A generous dry hopping (Citra/Mosaic/Enigma) over which we added coconut shreds."

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  • La Source Auroch

    € 12,97

    "Flanders red on steroïds! Auroch has been aged for a year in red wine barrels, its complex malt bill gives this beer a pleasent depth of plums, raisins and cherry."

  • La Source Automnale

    € 6,50

    Batch 1. "To end the summer fruits season and to begin the fall, we offer to you a blackcurrant wild ale. This beer spent more than a year in white wine barrels with our own wild yeast."

  • La Source Belle Dame -...

    € 9,07

    "For this new edition of our ever-changing Berliner Weisse we opted for the sunny combo of fennel and lemon! And before that, an extended aging n our house brett culture."

  • La Source Bête Noire

    € 12,97

    "We love Oud Bruin! Bête noir is our big up to those beers we cherish. For this new version, we chose a classic oud bruin malt bill but aged it in bourbon barrel, smooth..."

  • La Source Campagnol...

    € 2,39

    Single hopped pilsner w/ Belgian Malt and Ariana Hops

  • La Source Chevreuil

    € 6,50
    : 3

    Batch 2. "This wild beer has aged for more than a year in barrels with our gang of wild yeasts acid bacterias. We then enriched it with fresh & dried apricots for maximum intensity".

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  • La Source Cigale

    € 4,85

    "A Sour ale infused with Sauvignon grape pomace and then dry-hopped with Mosaic. A bridge between two worlds."

  • La Source Criquet - Berries...

    € 10,95

    "For this summer twist on our Criquet, we let it ferment for a few months on our house brett culture & then infused it with a generous dose of rhubarb & berries."

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  • La Source Criquet - Berries...

    € 10,95

    "For this summer twist on our Criquet, we let it ferment for a few months on our house brett culture & then infused it with a generous dose of verbena & berries."

  • La Source Dry Hop January -...

    € 4,70

    "Dry January" who cares? Certainly not us! Dry Hop January, that's our concept. Hoppy beers all month long!" Hops used: Simcoe & Centennial

  • La Source Element - Sorachi...

    € 3,36

    "Less is more. Element is a single malt and single hop beer. Sorachi and Pilsner malt, that's it. A good way to discover all the richness and power of this hop that we love."

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  • La Source Estivale

    € 6,34

    " A Seasonal beer to celebrate summer! We blend together organic nectarines and one of our oldest beers matured in white wine barrels."

  • La Source Hill of Tears

    € 3,36

    "Thz perfect cross-over betwwen east and west IPA. 100% Barley malt mill and firm bitterness from the west. English yeast and tropical aromatics from the east. Cheers!"

  • La Source La Meute

    € 3,30

    Tropical Hazy IPA! Mosaic Cryo, Eldorado and Sorachi Ace (BE) + Golden Promise and Oats

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  • La Source La Petite Planète

    € 3,36

    "Neo West Coast IPA" brewed with Pils, Vienna and hopped with Idaho7, Simcoe and Galaxy

  • La Source Lièvre

    € 3,30

    Double dry-hopped w. Mosaic, Strata, Barbe Rouge & Elixir

  • La Source Locuste

    € 4,85

    "Locuste is the barrel aged version of our sour gruit : Criquet. It stayed for several month in white wine barrels which, with the conjugated efforts of the wild yeast we added, mellowed the base beer and gave it more complexity"

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  • La Source Louve

    € 3,50

    "A Double IPA brewed with a generous base of spelt, oats, pilsner and vienna that has been double dry hopped with Hallertau Blanc, Citra and Sabro. A pleasant hop Uppercut..."

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  • La Source Malice

    € 6,50

    "This series explores the endless possibilities of fermented liquids. For this first hybrid, we fermented one of our sour beers over dried apples and then let it rest in barrels. Finally, we blended it with a cider co-produced with Fermenthings. The result is a hybrid, a chimera from ancient times"

  • La Source Mésange

    € 4,85

    "Mésange is our expression of balance. A light Saison. Quick soured and then barrel aged on our house culture. Slightly wild,, slightly hoppy but above all very drinkable.

  • La Source Murin

    € 3,56

    "It all starts with a complex malt bill. A generous vienna / munich base. The best dark malts and rye for roundness. A long fermentation follows, followed by an even longer lagering. The result is pure and elegant, polished by time..."

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  • La Source Old Fashion

    € 12,97

    "Cocktail Inspired Gruit. With Gentian for bitterness and oranges at whirlpool. Aged several months in bourbon barrels w/ our house culture "

  • La Source Ours

    € 4,06

    "The return of our end-of-year stout. In collaboration with our neighbours from Nao! For this new choco bomb, they offered us their new Peruvian cocoa (Criollo / Forastero) purchased directly and fairly. Yummm!"

  • La Source Pigeon

    € 2,77

    "Sour ale dry hopped with Belgian Sorachi Ace. Notes of key lime sorbet "

  • La Source Primitive 035 -...

    € 3,13

    "Cold fermented & then layered for several weeks, this beer is all about a clean flavor profile layered with subtle roasty notes. Elegance."

  • La Source Primitive 036 -...

    € 3,30

    "Our signature style, the hoppy sour, is back! This time, we take the opportunity to do a showcase of Nelson Sauvin hops (with a little touch of Citra in backup). It quenches thirst, hard!"

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  • La Source Primitive 037 - Cold IPA
    • Nieuw

    La Source Primitive 037 -...

    € 3,50

    "Cold IPA is an IPA fermented with Lager yeast but at “high” temperature (18-20°). We obtain a very clean profile with just enough esters for some fruitiness. And on top of that, a generous dose of resinous and tropical hops: Hallertau Blanc, Strata, Simcoe"

  • La Source Sauterelle -...

    € 5,51
    : 1

    "Our Barrel aged sour gruit has been enhanced with a generous dose of cucumber!"

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  • La Source Shiro

    € 5,64

    BEER / SAKE HYBRID. "For this second release of our hybrid series, we’ve decided to explore Sake. The base beer is a quite subtle rice lager with delicate aromas. Then, it’s been transferred to barrels with koji rice in addition to our house wild culture and we let it rest to evolve and mature quietly. The end result walks the fine line between two worlds : a sophisticated beverage with no excess."

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  • La Source Stemmed Glass

    € 4,96

    25cl stemmed glass

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