Berliner Weisse


  • Alvinne Berliner Framboos...

    € 2,71
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  • Alvinne Berliner Ryesse

    € 2,39
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  • Cyclic Beer Farm Xino Xano

    € 7,85

    "Xino Xano is our spring/summer seasonal release. We use a traditional no boil Berliner Weisse brewing method, 50% organic Belgian malted barley, 25% Belgian malted wheat, 25% Spanish flaked wheat, co-fermentation with our house yeast and lactic acid bacteria, then finished with a big dry hop addition (variety varies). Tart, tropical and refreshing, it's perfect for quenching your thirst. Best drunk after a long cycle or at the beach overlooking the sea!"

  • L'Ermitage Sour Krump

    € 2,91

    Sour w. tangerine, bergamot and Pomelo. BB is 17/11/2023

  • Alvinne Berliner Bosbes...

    € 2,71

    Berliner Weisse brewed with Rye and then aged with blueberries.

  • L'Ermitage Holy Mountain

    € 2,88

    Dry-hopped sour

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  • Lervig Sour Suzy

    € 2,04

    "A thirst quenching session beer, Sour Suzy mimics a classic German brewing technique (sour mashing) to impart a light, refreshing tartness. No hop bitterness & very low hop profile. Sour Suzy is not your typical session beer – rather it delivers something a bit more obscure and intriguing. It drinks as refreshingly as a glass of lemonade. The grain bill includes a healthy portion of wheat, while citrusy hops lend bright notes to the aroma which are accentuated by the addition of Makrut lime leaves."

  • L'Ermitage Holy Passion

    € 2,97

    Dry hopped passion sour

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  • La Mule Berliner Weisse

    € 2,50
  • Alvinne Berliner Kriek -...

    € 2,99

    Berliner with sour cherries and mint

  • Alvinne Berliner Marsala BA

    € 2,71

    Berliner aged in Marsala barrels.

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  • Alvinne / Delftse Dwoazen...

    € 2,71

    Berliner Weisse style sour with blackberries

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  • Alvinne Berliner...

    € 2,99

    Berliner macerated on dried figs & elderflower

  • La Mule / Nestor Vin...

    € 3,61

    Berliner Weisse referlented with Grolleau grapes from Nestor Vin. 2023 Edition

  • Siren Calypso

    € 3,65

    "Calypso roars with sharp, spritzy and mouth-puckering sensation, accented by tropical and citrussy hop aroma. It's clean, refreshing and always keeps you going back for more. Our sour showcase rotates the dry-hopping, so each brew offers something different and unique."

  • Siren DDH Calypso

    € 4,11

    "For the first time ever, we present double dry-hopped Calypso! The sharp, spritzy and mouth-puckering sensation is loaded up with double the amount of hops to usual, which just so happen to be our hand-selected lots of Simcoe, Mosaic and Citra! Expect fresh, vibrant tropical fruit aromas, with plenty of citrus character and crisp bitterness."

  • Surréaliste Beatific Ecstasy

    € 3,12

    " Wheat-sour ale blended with tons raspberries and lime."

  • The Garden / Sanfrutos...

    € 4,01

    Fruit-packed summer sour. Ripe, bright and aromatic.

  • L'Ermitage Holy Chili

    € 2,97

    Sour w. habanero and fresh thyme

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  • Popihn Florida Weisse...

    € 5,18
  • La Mule Tropical Weisse
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    La Mule Tropical Weisse

    € 2,75

    Dry-hopped Berliner Weisse