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  • Alcohol: 13.2%
  • Brasseria Della Fonte Inno...

    € 15,05

    "Brewed in January 2021 with our Pils malt, Italian cara50 malt and a touch of chocolate, the recipe calls for the addition of muscovado sugar at various stages of production. Matured for 17 months in American Rye and Irish Whiskey barrels. The choice fell on this type of barrel to emphasize the spices and the particular aromas of ripe fruit of the Westmall yeast. The aromatic part is distinguished by the powerful balance between all the components. Wood, distillate, charred, vanilla from the barrels; milk chocolate, dried fruit, warm caramel, sweet roasts from malts; prunes in syrup, esters and phenols contained, dryness coming from the yeast. This Quadrupel turns out to be deep, introverted and full of nuances, like autumn that has just begun"

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  • Brasseria Della Fonte Notte...

    € 21,38

    "Imperial Christmas Stout brewed with maple Syrup. Aged in a blend of Bourbon and Rye Whiskey barrels for 19 to 25 months, then conditionned on organic Peruvian toasted and raw coca nibs and a soft touch of cinnamon sticks"

  • Lervig Rackhouse Tiramisu

    € 17,31

    "Indulge in the decadence of our Tiramisù Imperial Stout. Aged for 20 months in Tennessee whiskey and bourbon barrels, it packs a punch of rich, roasted coffee, creamy vanilla, and luscious cocoa, with complex coconut, spicy and woody notes from the barrels that will make every sip even more captivating.
    So raise a glass and enjoy your journey through the classic Italian dessert."