List of products by brand Laugar Brewery

  • Laugar / La Pirata Smoke on...

    € 2,62
    : 1

    "#RebelCollab w/ La Pirata brewing for a traditional German-style lager brewed with rauch (smoked) malt"

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  • Laugar / NaprBCN / Malte...

    € 4,93
  • Laugar Aupa Tovarisch

    € 4,09

    Russian Imperial Stout

  • Laugar Aupa Tovarisch Ardbeg

    € 6,07

    "Classic Aupa Tovarisch aged in Ardbeg's Kindalton single malt whisky barrels"

  • Laugar Aupa Tovarisch Porto BA

    € 5,53

    Russian Imperial Stout aged fir 14 months in Porto Barrels.

  • Laugar Aurrera Stanitsa

    € 4,64

    Russian Imperial Stout brewed with Hondurian coffee muscovado sugar.

  • Laugar Basatia

    € 2,95
  • Laugar EPA!

    € 2,45

    "Don’t follow the herd and enjoy this reinterpretation of an American pale ale. A refreshing profile with citric and floral notes in both flavor and aroma due to hop character. Dry and bitter finish with long aftertaste."

  • Laugar Glas
    • Nieuw

    Laugar Glas

    € 4,13
  • Laugar Horsepower
    • Nieuw

    Laugar Horsepower

    € 4,27

    Hazy pale ale w/ Simcoe, Cascade and Sabro hops

  • Laugar Kendu Weissbier
    • Nieuw

    Laugar Kendu Weissbier

    € 1,61

    Alcohol-Free Weissbier

  • Laugar Kide

    € 3,21


  • Laugar Midnight Harvest

    € 5,21

    "Barrel Project. Barrel blend w/ Porto wine and scotch whisky barrels; and cocoa nibs From Papua New Guinea"

  • Laugar Rookie
    • Nieuw

    Laugar Rookie

    € 4,62

    Hazy IPA w/ Galaxy hops

  • Laugar Soul Reaper
    • Nieuw

    Laugar Soul Reaper

    € 4,55

    "Breakfast imperial stout with triple cocoa nibs addition from Congo, Ecuador and Nicaragua"

  • Laugar The Sweet, the...

    € 3,93
  • Laugar Wild Nation Beraskola
    • Nieuw

    Laugar Wild Nation Beraskola

    € 6,72

    "Mixed fermentation wild ale with saccharomyces cervisiae yeast, brettanomyces and lactobacillus fermented in oak barrels which previously contained portuguese Moscatel white wine for 18 months."

  • Laugar Wild Nation Zaldu
    • Nieuw

    Laugar Wild Nation Zaldu

    € 7,04

    "Mixed fermentation wild ale with saccharomyces cervisiae yeast, two bretta- nomyces strains, lactobacillus and the microorganisms from the peaches for 15 months in french oak barrels."

  • Laugar Wild Nation Zubiete
    • Nieuw

    Laugar Wild Nation Zubiete

    € 5,98

    "Mixed fermentation wild ale with saccharomyces cervisiae yeast and brettanomyces fermented in french oak barrels which previously contained Bordeaux red wine for 18 months."