Wit - Tarwe

  • Jandrain-Jandrenouille VI...

    € 1,86
  • Verzet Space Cadet

    € 1,96
  • DDVD Korenaar Nouveau Riche

    € 2,04
  • Atrium Clémentine

    € 2,45
  • Fantôme Blanche

    € 6,40

    New Batch from March 2021.

    Niet op voorraad
  • L'Ermitage Soleil

    € 2,44
  • Cyclic Beer Farm Witty Fool

    € 6,55

    "This is a special seasonal spring release: a Belgian style Witbier with organic oranges from the Ale-Hop farm. Brewed with a modified turbid mash and fermented with our house culture. Ingredients include: 60% organic Belgian pilsner malt, 20% Belgian wheat, 20% Spanish flaked wheat, German Perle hops, Indian coriander seeds, zest and orange juice from bitter oranges. More tart and fruity than your average Witbier, it’s refreshing and perfect for springtime."

  • DDVD Korenaar Nouveau...

    € 11,15
  • Brussels Beer Project /...

    € 4,27

    DDH Sabro Lime Wit. "Three Sins is our collab with our Brittish friends Northern Monk. Three heretic changes to the traditional with with big loads of hops, a funky yeast & crackling limes! Loveley, Innit?"

  • La Mule Hefe Weisse

    € 2,45

    German style Hefe Weisse brewed in Brussels

  • DOK / Verzet Emmer Genoeg...

    € 2,80

    "Tart emmer wheat beer with Callista and Huell Melon (Collab Verzet)"

  • Lervig Sweet Wheat

    € 2,12

    "This ultra-refreshing American Wheat Beer has all the extra pale cloudiness and drinkability of a Hefeweizen, but without any of the clove, nutmeg or banana flavours of its Bavarian cousin. Built upon a malt base of 60% wheat/40% Pilsner, it is soft bodied with a cereal character of biscuits and a gentle mouthfeel. The classic combination of Mosaic, Citra and Cascade hops used in the whirlpool contributes to a light fruit/citrus quality on the palate, however this beer is not dry hopped, so it’s far from “hoppy”. The finish is crisp with a light sweetness that invites sip after sip, and the medium carbonation allows the creamy, white head to linger. Squirt in a wedge of orange or lemon into your Sweet Wheat for the ultimate summer drink! "

  • La Malpolon Blé Fenouil

    € 6,06

    Wibier / Blanche brewed with wild fennel seeds.

  • La Mule Hopfen Weisse

    € 2,92
  • Alvinne Morpheus Wit

    € 1,98

    Belgian white beer brewed with Morpheus yeast.