Wit - Tarwe

  • Jandrain-Jandrenouille VI...

    € 1,86
  • Verzet Space Cadet

    € 1,96
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  • Atrium Clémentine

    € 2,65
  • L'Ermitage Soleil

    € 2,74
  • DDVD Korenaar Nouveau...

    € 11,15

    Belgium Style Wheat beer with rosemary, aged on Brunello Barrels. best before is 11/2023

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  • La Mule Hefe Weisse

    € 2,62

    German style Hefe Weisse brewed in Brussels

  • Solo Philia

    € 2,45

    "The historic Fix Cafe celebrates its 25th anniversary this year with an exclusive beer that we ve brewed together. A refreshing Wit Ale that encloses 25 years of friendship, togetherness and unforgettable moments in a bottle that bubbles coolness and juicy aromas of citrus fruits, spring flowers and coriander. Philia ... meaning friendship in Greek is a word with priceless value that cannot be bought. Enjoy it exclusively at #Fixcafe ... Heraklion downtown." BB is 20/04/2024

  • Alvinne Morpheus Wit...

    € 14,77

    Funky Wheat Beer aged on Portuguese White Moscatel barrels

  • De la Senne / Allagash...

    € 2,75

    "ZENNEGASH is a collab with our friends—and excellent brewers—of Allagash Brewing Company from Portland, Maine in the USA. Little side note: the first ever collab we did was with them in 2011: the Very Spéciale Belge. We didn’t have to look far to find a name for the beer. We simply combined the two rivers we both owe our names to: the Allagash river, and our good old Zenne! This time we brewed a wheat beer (the specialty of Allagash!), dry hopped with both American and European hops. We made two versions: one bottled version, refermented with Brett-yeast, and one clean version in kegs."

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  • DOK Wit

    € 3,28
    : 2

    "4.5% Belgian White with malted barley, wheat and oats. We also added yuzu and ginger." BB is 13/03/2024

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  • Lervig Super Blanc

    € 3,53

    "Super Blanc is a zesty brew with a delightful citrus twist. Pouring a hazy pale yellow with a frothy white head. The aroma is a delightful blend of spicy coriander, tangy lemon, and a hint of sweet orange. On the palate, the flavors bursts of tangy citrus, and lemon which adds a sharp acidic note that cuts through the creamy wheat base. It finishes clean and refreshing, with a subtle hint of coriander and a bright citrus aftertaste."

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  • De la Senne Brett Porter

    € 3,03

    "The Brett Porter is inspired by the old London Porters, superstar beers of the 1800s, which were kept in huge wooden casks in which Brettanomyces yeasts grew. It was not barreled, but co-fermented with our house Brettanomyces, and brewed from magnificent English specialty malts. Pours black with a ruby tint. Its foam, dark beige, is fine and persistent. Brettanomyces are present on the nose, giving it a vinous character with very ripe cherries like an old kirsh, and a little leather. A roasted and slightly smoky touch completes the picture. These aromas are found in the mouth, with added notes of mocha, cocoa powder and prunes."

  • DOK Johannes De Weize II
    • Nieuw

    DOK Johannes De Weize II

    € 2,45

    "A 5.4% weizen with a whopping 70% wheat malt was brewed with one of our long-serving bartenders at Dok. Johannes (better known by his nickname Joeri) joined forces with Janos to make a weizen the way he would like it himself. Lots of wheat, Weihenstephaner yeast fermented cold, a decoction mash and a noble hopping with Tettnanger."