• Totem Flordia Gose

    € 2,88

    Gose brewed with Orange and Mandarin Puree and hopped with Cluster and Citra. 25 IBA; 15 EBC

  • La Calavera Tequila Sunrise

    € 4,99

    Imperial Gose aged in Tequila barrels.

  • Nevel / DOK Kwiek

    € 12,31

    "Kwiek - Barrel-aged wild gose with absinthe wormwood and angelica. Kwiek proves that history is not dull at all. This collab with DOK Brewing Company is a fresh and tart gose, a beer style brewed with wheat that originated from Goslar and Leipzig. We wanted to know how the early goses were made and discovered that they were often flavoured with absinthe, a herb that we happen to use quite often in our beers. So for this collab we decided to continue the tradition, with absinthe wormwood from the historic garden De Ommuurde Tuin. Modern goses are often spiced with coriander seed, which we've replaced with angelica seed, a native plant that gives fresh, herbal notes. The sourness and long, bitter finish of Kwiek are balanced with a good dose of salt, which is a distinctive ingred...

  • AF Brew Sangre Fresca
    • Nieuw

    AF Brew Sangre Fresca

    € 3,86

    "A decent New Year Eve and Morning After collaboration with El Copitas, 27th best world bar 2019 and just nice guys and real cocktail geeks. Our ‘Sangre Fresca’ Michelada is based on Gose instead of Lager which properly matches all Mexican stuff put into the tank openly and secretly."