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  • Merk: Brasseria della Fonte
  • Brasseria Della Fonte VI...

    € 14,93

    "This blend is a 75% English Barleywine aged in Apple Brandy barrels and 25% wheated imperial Stout aged in Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrel. After 18 months in casks we find flavors of toffee, dark fruits, burnt caramel, cocoa, with Brandy and oak backbone."

  • Brasseria Della Fonte...

    € 6,36

    "Dark and roasty Porter, brewed with English malts (Maris Otter, Brown, Chocolate, Roasted and Crystal), with a 5% of flaked Oats. From June 2017 we change the hop, say bye bye to Columbus and start to brew only with Warrior"