Pale Ale


  • Lervig Easy

    € 2,46
  • Lervig House Party

    € 1,69
  • L'Ermitage Lanterne

    € 2,39

    Hoppy Pale Ale with Mosaic and Cascade.

  • L'Ermitage Théorème de...

    € 2,51
    Niet op voorraad
  • Lervig No Worries

    € 1,84

    Hoppy and Alcohol Free

  • Atrium PAM!

    € 2,42

    Belgian Pale Ale dry-hopped with Citra and Cascade

  • L'Ermitage L'Amoureux -...

    € 8,72

    Pale Ale fermented in inox and then matured for 6 months in an oak foeder that used to contain Sangiovese. This allowed the wild yeasts to work and develop fruity and vineous notes. From this base beer, three beers were made with different hops for dry-hopping, this one is made with noble Citra.

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  • L'Ermitage Laboratoire...

    € 2,63

    Pale ale/ Saison hybrid, fermented with Kveik and dry hopped with Citra. Slightly sour.

  • Siiren / Lervig Much Ado...

    € 4,11

    "Nothing beats a fresh Blueberry Muffin. Except of course, a Blueberry Muffin beer! Our collaboration with Lervig is suitably bursting with juicy blueberries. A delicate vanilla sweetness is offset by hoppy citrus flavours and a subtle lemon undertone throughout, making this pale ale both indulgent and refreshing all at once."

  • Lervig No Worries Grapefruit

    € 1,88

    Alcohol Free Hoppy Beer with Grapefruit.

  • DOK De Bittere Pale

    € 2,95

    European Pale Ale hopped with Saaz, Magnum, Goding, Mandarina Bavaria, Hallertau Blanc and Calista. 6 EBC, 65 IBU

  • The Garden Pale Ale

    € 2,02

    "Pours bright with a light amber colour with a firm, white head. Heavily Dry hopped with Citra, Mosaic - Columbus ; Tangerine and melon dominate the aroma with a pleasant sweetness in the background. Soft citrus fruit and caramel on the palate give way to a lasting, soft bitterness. Full bodied, refreshing and perfectly balanced."

  • Lervig No Worries Pineapple

    € 1,93

    Alcohol Free Hoppy Beer with Pineapple

  • Lervig Holiday Haze

    € 3,16

    "A welcome break from all the malty, dark and spiced Christmas beers, Holiday Haze is hazy, potently aromatic, deliciously juicy, and overflowing with hops. Notes of tangerine, peach and passionfruit are present in both the aroma and flavor, along with more subtle accents of tropical fruit, and pine. Flaked oats and flaked barley create a smooth and unobtrusive malt platform to support the Galaxy and Mosaic hops, resulting in a soft and deliciously hoppy beer. "

  • Lervig Lucky Jack Gluten Free

    € 1,81

    Gluten Free American Pale Ale

  • De Dolle XL

    € 2,65

    De Dolle’s 40th Anniversary brew “XL” Pale Ale.

  • L'Ermitage Johnson

    € 2,45

    Single hop Pale Ale Eukanot. BB printed on the can is 19/05/20 but should be 19/05/21.

  • Misery Harzington
    • Nieuw

    Misery Harzington

    € 5,99

    Vermont inspired Indian Pale Ale.
    Welcome to Harzé, Vermont

  • Misery Holy Moly
    • Nieuw

    Misery Holy Moly

    € 5,58