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  • Atrium 'Verno 20

    € 4,02

    "Winter ale inspired by a Buche de Noël! Brewed with Vienna malt for a lightly sweet and nutty body, oats for a creamy mouthfeel, rye for a touch of spiciness, lactose for the milky side, Madagascar vanilla for the dessert aroma, cacao nibs for the chocolate touch and last but not least, a lot of home roasted pecan nuts... because we love it.
    Ou comme un client la décrit : Gourmande, crèmeuse, réconfortante. Douillette comme des pantoufles chaudes" BB is 12/2023

  • Atrium / D'Oude Maalderij...

    € 4,70

    Tonka Barley wine aged 6 months in Panama Rhum Barrels.

  • Atrium / DOK Train des Ridéra

    € 3,85
  • Atrium / Gravity Planetarium

    € 4,11

    "Imperial stout with raspberry palinka-infused amburana & cherry casks. Collab with Gravity Brewing, Budapest."

  • Atrium / Les Intenables...

    € 3,48

    Oat Cream IPA

  • Atrium / Sibeeria Pilsful...

    € 3,07

    "Pils brewed between friends with belgian malts, czech yeast and dry hopped with german hops. Collab with Sibeeria Brewing, Praha."

  • Atrium Chihuahua

    € 3,48

    "Light orange color and fruity aromas. Its dry-hopping process results in touches of fruit such as mango, pineapple, peach and litchi. Its low contents of alcohol increases the bitterness perception of its taste. Low degree of alcohol but large contents of Cryo Hops Ekuanot in the whirlpool and for dry-hopping. Small but angry… like a chihuahua!"

  • Atrium Chocafé

    € 4,11

    Milk stout with Peruvian cacao beans & Guatemalan coffee

  • Atrium Clémentine

    € 2,54
  • Atrium Dear Santa

    € 4,11

    "Dear Santa, as I have behaved(ish) this year, I would like a cranberry and chocolate Imperial Quad Stout."

  • Atrium Flipper's Nightmare

    € 4,16

    "Seaweed Imperial Stout. Collab with Malt Attacks Shop in Brussels."

  • Atrium Glass

    € 6,20
    : 3
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  • Atrium Kofi - Colombian Coffee

    € 3,98

    Milk Stout with Colombian Coffee

  • Atrium Kofi - Indonesian...

    € 3,98
  • Atrium Moût de Raison

    € 3,74

    Stout fermented naturally with feshly pressed Gamay wort from Domaine Cinq Peyres in France. best before is 11/2023

  • Atrium Onyx

    € 4,11
    Niet op voorraad
  • Atrium Onyx Amburana

    € 5,05
  • Atrium Onyx Bourbon BA 2023

    € 6,40

    Onyx (mperial Stout brewed with cacao, vanilla and orange peel) aged 9 months in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels.

  • Atrium Reserva Bourbon Red...

    € 6,32

    "Blend of a barleywine aged for 11 months in Old Forester Bourbon barrels and 13 months in Domaine Monthélie Douhairet Porcheret red wine barrels."

  • Atrium Reserva Futuro...

    € 5,96

    "Imperial Quad Stout barrel aged 7 months in Wild Turkey 12 yo barrels"

  • Atrium Reserva Imperial...

    € 6,16

    Imp. stout barrel aged 9 months in Wild Turkey barrels.

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  • Atrium Reserva Saison Rye BA

    € 13,89

    Rye Saison fermented with Kveik and Brett. Aged for 11 mpnths in Burgundy red wine barrels.

  • Atrium Reserva Saison...

    € 14,29

    Blend of 2 Saison fermented with Brett and aged 8 months in Burgundy red wine barrels and 10 months red wine barrels from Languedoc.

  • Atrium Reserva Tonka...

    € 6,16

    "Barley wine with tonka beans and Orange peels, aged 24 months in Domaine Monthélie Douhairet Porcheret red wine barrels."

  • Atrium Reserva Trio Rum BA

    € 6,25

    Tripel (Trio) aged for 10 months in Jamaican Appleton Estate rum barrels.

  • Atrium Reserva: Saison Locale

    € 12,16
    : 2

    Saison brewed with Triticale (hybrid of wheat (Triticum) and rye (Secale)) and fermented with Kveik andBrett and aged oro 7 months in red wine barrels from Domaine Monthélie Douhairet Porcheret.

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  • Atrium Reserva: Saison...

    € 13,88

    Saison brewed with local Emmer wheat, fermented with Kveik & Brett and then aged for 12 months in Burgundy red wine barrels.

  • Atrium Rosalinda

    € 3,67

    Wheat ale feremented naturally with feshly pressed Gamay wort from Domaine Cinq Peyres in France. best before is 10/2023

  • Atrium Staffstuff

    € 3,60

    Amaretto Porter. "This treat was designed and brewed by Daphné & Julien, our production crew !" 28 IBU; 60 EBC

  • Atrium The One

    € 5,99
    Niet op voorraad
  • Atrium Tornado

    € 3,68
    : 4

    Double dry hopped with Ekuanot, El Dorado and Southern Passion hops.

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  • Atrium Trio

    € 2,97
  • Atrium Zythos Special Blend...

    € 12,37

    Blend of triple aged 6 months in Nadal Hainaut red wine barrel and a stout aged 18 months in Daumas Gassac red wine barrel .