List of products by brand Gamma Brewing Co.

  • Gamma Blow Pop

    € 5,32

    "Brewed with oats, wheat and Cashmere, Citra and Mosaic hops."

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  • Gamma Extra Natural

    € 4,03

    "Hops: Saaz & Hallertau Blanc; Malt: Pilsner, Maize & Rice; Yeast: W34/70"

  • Gamma Frond

    € 5,50

    "Piña Colada Sour w. Pineapple, Lactose & Coconut."

  • Gamma Organoleptic

    € 5,13

    "Session IPA hopped with Citra & Zappa and brewed in collaboration with our friends from Dispensary Beer and Whisk(e)y bar in Nørrebro, Copenhagen."

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  • Gamma Siliginis Alba

    € 5,41

    "Brewed in collaboration with Gyrup Gårdmalt, an organic maltster located in northern Denmark, who grows some excellent and exciting grain varieties to produce unique organic malts, like the Rye and CaraRye malt used in this IPA."

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  • Gamma Slick Film

    € 7,25

    Imperial stout with coconut - almond

  • Gamma Suborbital

    € 3,89

    Dry Stout with a BB of October 2021

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  • Gamma Tankard/Stein Glass

    € 5,37

    0.5 liter Stein

  • Gamma Universal Glass

    € 17,36

    "Designed by Svend Sømod, the Universal Glass lays its origins more than 2000 years ago, when Archimedes calculated the volume of a sphere using this exact shape. It is said that he has it engraved on his gravestone. Made from borosilicate - making it scratch and heat proof - the glass has the same thickness, height and width everywhere. It is the most basic shape a glass could possibly have. "

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  • Gamma Unspoken Themes

    € 4,93

    "Citra, Idaho 7 & Mosaic session IPA"

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